Who Is Andre Zambo Anguissa's Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth ?

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Who Is Andre Zambo Anguissa's Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth ?

Andre Zambo Anguissa is a Cameroonian professional football player. He currently plays for the team Napoli as a defensive midfielder.

He was born to his parents, Juliette and Louis. He has five siblings two sisters and three brothers. 

Andre Zambo Anguissa during the match.
Andre Zambo Anguissa during the match. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Andre 

Andre's relationship status is unknown. He might be married or might not be. 

Andre is extremely low-key about his personal life, so he has never opened up. His Instagram clearly shows that he is the father of two sons. 

But the mother of his son is not known. He might have a girlfriend or a wife who is not unknown. 

Andre Zambo Anguissa with his children.
Andre Zambo Anguissa with his children. Source: Instagram


Andre is 26 years old. His height is 1.84 m.

Net Worth 

Andre's net worth is 25 million euros.

Andre Doesn’t Need Stats

Andre is one of the important players for the Napoli club. He is excellent at creating passes, forming space, and getting possession. 

But despite his efforts and brilliant plays, he could not get a single goal the entire season. He did have some close calls but couldn’t score. 

When asked about it, be answered really selflessly. He expressed that he doesn’t care much about the match stats about him.

He knows his role in the club and is doing everything he can for the club. 

He trusts his teammates and club, as do the coach and his teammate. 

He said that many players in the club were brilliant scorers. They are always up to score a goal, so he doesn’t have to score a goal. 

He will be happy if he gets the chance and score a goal. But it doesn’t mean he is dying to score a goal. 

He knows his worth in the club and what he can bring to every match. 

He has become one of the most needed players in the club, and he asks for nothing more.

Andre Wants To Give Everything For The Coach

Andre has been part of the Napoli team for a while, and he seems to be coping with the players and the coach too much. 

Especially with the coach of the team, is quite comfortable and has a great bond. 

Andre is a player who knows the strategies and plays to implement in the team, and the team's coach is great with strategy. 

Hence, both of them sync quite well. 

Moreover, the team's coach often puts himself in the players' shoes and tries to understand what position they are in and what they can do for the club, according to Andre.

But Andre respects the coach and wants to give out everything to the coach because of one core reason: he listens. 

Andre said the coach listens to what he is trying to say and respects his idea.

Andre Wants To Put Everything For The Sake Of The Game

Andre and his team Cameron won against Australia and had a great match as he won the man of the match. 

He was happy about the match; since winning and losing are part of the game, he took the win normally. 

But saying that, he and his team were slightly disappointed because they lost a match in the past game, which they could have won. 

Due to the exact match, they could be out of the international match as their next match was against Germany.

But from what Andre said, he and his team will give their best to win against Germany, although it can be challenging.

Andre Got Injury

Andre joined Napoli in 2022, and not long after he joined the club, he suffered an injury to his left thigh. 

He received this injury in the match against Barcelona. According to doctors, he had a muscular problem and will be under care for a few weeks. 

As a necessary player, it is bad news for both the club and its fans. But his recovery will not take so long, according to the officials.

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