Who Is Andreas Cornelius Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

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Who Is Andreas Cornelius Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

Andreas Cornelius is a Danish professional football player. He currently plays for the team Copenhagen in the position of striker. 

His parents raised him in Copenhagen, Denmark. Talking about his siblings, he has a brother. 

Andreas Cornelius during the match.
Andreas Cornelius during the match. Source: Instagram

Who Is Andreas Dating Now?

Andreas is currently in a relationship. He has a girlfriend, and they both are living together in Italy.

Andreas hasn't opened her name to date. His girlfriend is often seen during his match.

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Andreas Cornelius with his girlfriend.
Andreas Cornelius with his girlfriend. Source: Pinterest

Andreas Denied To Play Because Of His Partner

In 2021, Andreas and his team had a match in Turkey. But Andreas denied going there because, at that time, his partner was pregnant.

He was not ready to leave her girlfriend alone at that moment, so he denied to play. 

As Andreas was not convinced to go, his club had asked Cerri for a loan player. As of 2022, he might have become a dad. 

Age And Net Worth 

Andreas is 29 years old. The net worth of Andreas is $8 Million.

Andreas Helped His Country To Win

Denmark went against France in the international match played in the home ground of France in Paris

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It was a big win for the team as France was one of the best teams in the entire world. 

When asked about it by Denmark’s coach, he said that it was because of the players that they won that important match. 

He also expressed that Andreas was the main reason for the win. 

Andreas also said that it was a great decision for the manager to choose Andreas to play for the team. 

He scored two goals against France, which made his team get to win. 

It was a big day for Denmark and its people as they celebrated that day on the streets.

Andreas’s Target Is To Score Goals

Andreas revealed in an interview that all the players were on the pitch with the inspiration to win. 

They gave their hundred percent to try and win the match. But for him, it's not all the same. 

He did say that he wanted to win every match and that he would be giving his everything. 

In addition, he also added up that he not only wants to win but also wants to score as many goals as he can in every match. 

He is undoubtedly one of the greatest scorers. 

But he stated in a press conference with Trabzonspor that his main motive in every game is to score goals, and his club manager seems to love his spirit.

Andreas Got Injured In The Middle Of The Match

Andreas was playing for Copenhagen back in 2015. He could not score a goal in his six months of spell in South Wales

Fans hence expected him to score in the game against Silkeborg. But unfortunately, Andreas ended up getting a calf injury. 

Silkeborg's midfielder tackled him, leaving him with the injury. He stayed on the ground in pain until the help arrived. 

His injury was a bit serious, so he was taken to a nearby hospital in Aarhus

People were helpful and good over there, so the team revealed that he was in good hands. 

The manager also said they didn’t know when he would return, but as he was in good hands, they were sure that he would be fine sooner or later. 

Andreas Got Criticism 

Andreas was a champion on Trabzonspor, scoring more than 15 goals and several assists. 

His presence won the team many trophies and fans from throughout the world. 

But Andreas seemed to miss his former club Copenhagen. Hence he again transferred to Copenhagen

Back there, he might have thought to be treated nicely by his old fans. But things didn’t turn out to be the same. 

First, the media and fans criticized him for the team due to the big bid he was bought for. 

And secondly, because of his games. He didn’t score and played in his worst form, starting two matches. 

Hence he had to see and listen to lots of criticism.

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