Who Is Andrew Mark Levin? Father Of Benny Blanco

by Manisha Sun Dec 10 2023 Updated On Tue Dec 12 2023

Andrew Mark Levin is the father of record producer and multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Joseph Levin, professionally known as Benny Blanco.

He worked in his intimate apparel business. He's married to Sandra Beth Levin

His wife worked in assisted living. 

Andrew Mark Levin's wife and their son.
Andrew Mark Levin's wife and their son. Source: Instagram

Is Benny Dating Anyone?

Selena Gomez confirmed that she is seeing Benny

They revealed that they had been secretly dating each other for six months. 

She posted a story on her Instagram where she was seen cuddling up with Benny

She had her head on his shoulder. Before that, she commented on Instagram and seemed to confirm that she is in a relationship. 

Andrew Mark Levin's son, Benny Blanco.
Andrew Mark Levin's son, Benny Blanco. Source: Pinterest


Benny is 35 years old. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He weighs around 70 kg.

Net Worth

His son Benny's net worth is estimated to be $50 million

Benny Was Addicted To A Fortnight

Benny said he used to play fortnigh all night. 

He said he played fortnight from buses while on tour in his hotel room. 

He shared he played on the switch that fitted in his pocket and took that everywhere with him. 

He started playing fortnight saying it was just a video game, and he could not stand from his chair for weeks once he started playing. 

Benny Talked About How He Made Dozens Of Hits

Benny has made music for hit songs like Love Yourself, Cold Water, diamonds, Teenage Dream etc. 

He is a musical genius and artist. He said he never takes stress while making music. 

He shared he casually goes to his friends to have fun, and he happens to make music with them there. 

He mentioned he never goes to a room with someone to make music and had never made songs through a record label. 

He said he just went there and did everyday things like eat, talk, and crack jokes, and at that time, they had no idea they would make the song. 

He added sometimes he had to finish the song on time and get his job done, and it’s not always the same. 

He said when a song is done, he can’t listen to it and hates it to the extent that he wants to get it done at that moment; otherwise, he goes on perfecting it. 

Benny Talked About How He Made Eastside

Eastside is a song by him, Halsey, and Khalid Robson. He shared how he got the idea for that song. 

He added he got the idea when he was on the road with Ed Sheeran as they finished their last album. 

He shared he was watching the documentary series The Defiant Ones with him. 

They finished all the episodes of that documentary in one go. 

After they were done watching it, Ed stood up and asked what they were even doing with their life and said they needed to do more stuff in life. 

Ed went on to play on a show, and he was all alone sitting. Then, he asked himself what he was doing with his life. 

He told himself he would take some challenges and make songs he had never done before. 

His friends encouraged him to do something new, and then he started making a few songs. 

So he started making Eastside when he was on the road with Ed, and at that time, he was working with Halsey on another song at his house. 

She asked him about that song, and he told her what he was trying to do with Eastside, and before he knew Halsey was working on that song. 

His friend was at his house and randomly started playing, and he liked it. 

He said the song happened naturally to him. 

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