Andrew Robertson Stunning Wife Rachel Roberts

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Andrew Robertson Stunning Wife Rachel Roberts

Andrew Robertson is a professional football player. He has been playing for the Premiere League club Liverpool in the position of left back since 2017

Also, he captains the Scotland National team. He was born to his parents, Eleanor Robertson and Brian Robertson, on March 11, 1994. 

He has two siblings, Peter and Andrew Sr. He is a Scottish citizen by nationality. 

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Is Andrew Married? 

Andrew is married to his beautiful wife, Rachel Roberts. She is a businesswoman and is the owner of Oro Sports

The couple has known each other since their high school days and fell in love in their high school days. They tied the knot in 2022

As of now, the couple shares two children. Andrew and Rachel welcomed their first son, Rocco, back in 2017 and a daughter, Aria, in 2019

Andrew doesn't post any pictures of his wife and children on his social media. 

When asked for the reason behind it in an interview with The Athletic, he said the main reason behind their private life is that he doesn't want his wife to be a victim of any form of abuse for absolutely no reason or for his bad performance on his job.

He said it was something they both decided to do. He also said that it was important they try to live their private life in a very public world. 

They couldn't stop Andrew from getting recognized, and they couldn't stop people from wanting pictures, but they could control people not knowing who his wife was, especially their kids. 

He added that it is more for his kids. He further revealed that when his wife got pregnant, they wanted to protect their kids from everything.

He said some people do it, some people don't but he just wants his kids to live a normal life and not a life in the public eyes. 

They have successfully done it so far and hope that it will stay that way. 

They didn't even want their wedding picture to be revealed. However, one picture came out. 

Andrew is not sure how and from where the picture came out, as they are super conscious of it. 

There are many people who follow Rachel's friends or Andrew's friends, trying to get pictures as he is a big player, and many eyes are on him. 

Andrew Robertson with his wife Rachel Roberts
Andrew Robertson with his wife Rachel Roberts. Source: Facebook

Age and Net Worth

Andrew is 30 years old. His total net worth is unknown; however, the player earns £100,000 per week. His source of income is his football career. 

Andrew’s team came back strong? 

Andrew played from Liverpool against Ajak in the 2022 Championship League. They managed to win with a score of 3 -0 with their opponents. 

After the gameplay, Andrew talked about the match and said that he thought his team had lost the match as his team was missing the ball. 

At the beginning of the game, Ajak was leading, and it looked like they would win the match and everyone, including him, thought that they had no chance against them. 

However, Andrew and his team were not ready to accept the defeat. They came back stronger and played their game well. 

After the second half, his team was in full form, and they changed the whole scenario of the game. 

They ended the match against Ajak and showed their worth. 

The toughest player Andrew played against 

In one of Andrew’s TikTok videos, he answered some of the questions asked by his fans. 

The very first question he was asked was about his preference between Fried Mars Bar and Cullen Skink. 

For that, he chose Fried Mars Bar over Cullen Skink because he doesn’t like fish. He revealed that he has never liked eating fish. 

After that, he was asked about the toughest player he had ever played with, and for that, he took the name of Messi

He played with Messi during the match with Barcelona, and it was really hard to play against Messi

He had to give his full concentration as Messi was the best so Messi is the toughest player he has faced in his career. 

But he was really pleased playing with him. 

Andrew got injured?

On 27th March, Andrew played for the Scotland National team in a friendly match with Northern Ireland

During the match, he suffered an injury, which was very concerning. 

He got his left ankle injured in the 30th minute, but despite the injury, he continued playing the game. 

Andrew gave his best to stay in the game, but his injury made him really uncomfortable, so he was sent off the field in the 37th minute. 

The Liverpool manager was really concerned because of Andrew’s injury and hoped it would not be serious as the premier league is coming, Liverpool can’t risk any of its players.

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