Andrew Silverman

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Andrew Silverman

Andrew Silverman was born in 1975 in New York City, United States. He was born into a wealthy real estate family.

Real estate tycoons Allen and Eleonore Silverman are the parents of Andrew Silverman

Andrew is an American businessman, and a professional real estate developer

Expect his own identity, he is well known for his ex-wife Lauren Silverman, who is a socialite.

Marriage, Wedding, And Children

Andrew’s first marriage was unsuccessful. His first wife's name is Lauren Silverman.

Lauren and Andrew have been friends since their kinder garden. There was a strong bond between their family. 

From 1997 they began dating each other. Lauren was 20 years old at that time. 

The connection and love between them grew stronger, and finally, they decided to get married in 2005

Their marriage was held at Lavish Resort in New York

After one year of marriage in 2006, they became parents of a baby boy named Adam Silverman

But their marriage ended with divorce in 2013 after spending ten years as husband and wife.

After his first unsuccessful marriage, Andrew went into a relationship with Samantha Zimmerman Silverman and he married her in 2015

Andrew Silverman with his ex-wife Lauren Silverman
Andrew Silverman with his ex-wife Lauren Silverman Source: Pinterest

Andrew got puppies to learn taking care of baby ? 

In the interview with Jimmy Fallon’s late night show, Andrew Silverman talked about bringing puppies to be a responsible dad. He had his first child, son in 2014 and before his partner gave birth to their son, Simon brought two puppies so that he could prepare himself for taking care of his new born. He got two puppies and named him Squidly and Didly. He took care of him and after six months he welcomed his son with his partner Lauren. After his son birth he realized that his son was not like the puppies. He was expecting his son to be like puppies and thought that he would throw the ball and his son will get it back like the pups and it didn’t happened. After 8 months he went to his partner and told that his son hates him because his son doesn’t do anything that he tells him to do. After sometime his son saw him in MTV TV show and after that he got his hold in his son. His son started liking him and they started having good bonding with each other. Simon told that he had to watch Dora the Explorer with his son and he was not happy about that. She told that it was a irritating show but as his son likes to see it he had to accompany his son. Jimmy also shared his story as a father. Jimmy also had little children and he also had to watch those show with his children. Simon told that he likes watching The Jungle Book and Papa Pig show. The reason behind Andrew liking to watch Papa Pig was because it last for only 10 minutes.

Net Worth And Source Of Earning 

Andrew has an excellent net worth of $30 million. He runs his family business. 

His brother and he has The Andalex Group. Andrew also handles Silver Entertainment and Gaming. He is a real estate developer

Talking about Andrew’s assets, he has a big apartment in Manhattan and a wonderful house outside Stamford. It’s worth $4.5 million.

Age, Height, Weight, Nationality, And Religion

Andrew is 47 years old. His height is 5ft 9inch. His weight is 75 kg.

He is an American, and he follows Christianity.

Reason For His Divorce 

It was shocking for everyone when they learned about Lauren’s engagement with another person. 

He is no other than the famous Simon Cowell. Simon and Lauren have been together since December 4, 2013

Lauren was dating Simon when she was still married to Andrew

Though Simon and Lauren kept their relationship private from the public, Andrew was aware of his wife’s behavior from the beginning.

Many people said that it was an unspoken mutual understanding. 

Andrew, in the beginning, was shocked to know about his wife’s extramarital affair, but nobody knew what made him accept all these things. 

At the time of the divorce, Lauren said that Andrew had affairs with multiple women. Andrew also said that Lauren had affair with Simon

Lauren accepted that and said he was aware of everything and he allowed her to visit Simon.

Lauren Silverman with her fiance Simon Cowell
Lauren Silverman with her fiance Simon Cowell  Source: Bollywood Trendy

About Lauren Silverman 

Lauren was born on January 1, 1977, in New York City, United States, as her family's elder daughter. 

She has a sister. Her name is Nicole Davis. Lauren was born in a real estate developer family. She belongs to a wealthy family.

Steven Davies and Carole Eisenberg are Lauren’s parents. She has a good net worth of $10 million which she earned.

She was married once and has two children from two different men.

Andrew Silverman ex wife Lauren Silverman and son Adam Silverman
Andrew Silverman ex-wife Lauren Silverman and son Adam Silverman Source: Dailymail

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