Angela Anne Galloway- Tragedy Of Drew Mclntyre Mother

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Angela Anne Galloway- Tragedy Of Drew Mclntyre Mother

Angela Anne Galloway is the late mother of Drew Mclntyre, a Scottish professional wrestler. She was married to her husband, Andrew Galloway Sr.

Angela Anne Galloway's son and husband.
Angela Anne Galloway's son and husband. Source: Twitter


Angela died at the age of 51 on 3 November 2012. She had Cerebellar Ataxia, a disease causing coordination problems. Angela fought with her condition for 30 years.

And later, she battled with cancer before passing away about seven years ago. It was a tragic moment for her family, especially for her son, Drew.

Drew often talks about how his mother’s strength and determination inspired him to pursue a successful career in wrestling. 

And it led him to become the WWE ChampionDrew remembers the day she died as a way to honor her memory. 

 Angela Anne Galloway's son Drew McIntyre.
Angela Anne Galloway's son Drew McIntyre. Source: Instagram

About Her Son

Drew's real name is Andrew McLean Galloway IV. He is a Scottish professional wrestler in WWE. 

He is the current WWE champion

Drew is married to Kaitlyn Frohnapfel. Kaitlyn is a doctor. The couple met at a bar. Kaitlyn used to work as a receptionist at a gym

She was an athlete in high school and college but stopped playing sports to support Drew as his personal trainer and doctor

They married in 2016, and Kaitlyn played a crucial role in helping Drew recover from a severe injury that could have ended his wrestling career.

Drew is very thankful to her for that. The couple currently live in Tampa, Florida. They have two cats that they consider their Claymore Cats

They don't have children together at the moment. But they see their cats as their children. 

Drew McIntyre and his wife.
Drew McIntyre and his wife. Source: Instagram


Angela Anna Galloway was born in 1961. She died on November 3, 2012, at the age of 51

Net Worth

Her son Drew's net worth is about $1.5 Million

Drew Talks About His Return 

During his time away from WWE, Drew gained the perspective and clarity he shared. 

He said he faced many rumors and headlines, but he is now happy with where he is in his career. 

He wanted to drive the company forward in and out of the ring. He aims to stand out in his upcoming match and create memorable moments. 

He acknowledges Gunther’s success with the title but plans to ruin his party and expects their match to be highly anticipated by the audience. 

He also talks about his return to ICW in Scotland in 2014

The crowd's loud and proud reaction made him realize his worth and changed his path from his previous time with 3MB. 

He also talks about his surprise return at Money in the Bank in London, where his audience's genuine reactions are crucial in the wrestling industry. 

Despite some challenges, like sneaking into the country and dealing with hotel delays, he enjoyed the experience. 

And he jokes about being a bit mean to the hotel staff while trying to get a room key.

Drew Losing Everything Made Him Stronger

Drew talks about how being fired from WWE was a challenging experience that shaped him personally and professionally. 

Losing everything and then regaining success more significantly had a good effect on him. 

He believes that going through that challenging period was necessary for him to achieve the success he has reached today. 

While outside WWE, he found his voice and represented different companies as a top wrestler. 

His wife had helped him see that he needed to make changes and eliminate negatives from his life. 

These things made him improve his diet and work even harder, resulting in excellent physical and mental transformation. 

When he returned to WWE, winning the Royal Rumble was a proud moment that made him realize he was ready for the biggest match of his career against Brock Lesnar. 

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