Who Is Angus Mcraney? Son Of Gerald McRaney

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Angus McRaney is the son of American television and film actor Gerald McRaney. His mother's name is Beverly A. Root.

Angus has a sister named Jessica, with whom he grew up, and one half-sister named Kate. 

He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

About Angus's Dad Gerald 

Gerald is a well-known TV and film actor. He is known for appearing in TV shows such as Major Dad, Simon and Simon, and Promised Land. 

He has his birthday on August 19. Gerald was born in Mississippi, United States, which makes him an American citizen by his nationality. 

Married Life Of Gerald

Gerald is currently married to his wife, Delta Burke, an actress. Delta is Gerald's third wife, and they tied the knot in 1989

He met Delta while doing his TV show, Simon and Simon. Delta made her guest appearance in that show. 

As of now, the couple is happily living together.

Gerald McRaney and his wife.
Gerald McRaney and his wife. Source: Pinterest

Past Marriages Of Gerald

He has been married three times. His very first marriage was with Beverly Root

He and Beverly married in 1976. They share two children, a son and a daughter. Gerald's marriage with Beverly lasted till 1971.

After his first marriage crashed, Gerald married Pat Moran to Pat Moran for the second time in 1981

They have a daughter named Kate. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted for only eight years, as they got divorced in 1989.

Age And Net Worth 

Gerald is 76 years old. He has a net worth of $8 Million. His source of income is acting

Gerald Is Working Against Drug And Alcohol Abuse

Gerald is a world-famous actor and TV personality who has been in the industry for over half a decade. 

Being all familiar with the industry, he believes that the entertainment industry can be used not just to provide fun but to educate people about drug and alcohol abuse. 

Drugs and alcohol are constantly used in movies and TV shows, but they are harmful in real life. 

So, to work against the same message, Gerald, with other famous personalities from the industry, opened the Entertainment Industry Council.

The council is based on providing the proper message about the consequences of drug and alcohol use in movies while using them. 

Although the use of drugs and alcohol cannot be censored, Gerald is working to lower the uses, and if used, he is focused on sending a proper message to the audience.

Gerald’s Knee Injury Was Great Luck For Him

Gerald had a knee injury in 2004 while going hunting in New Zealand

As he was struggling to walk, his wife suggested he go for a checkup to the doctor, but he kept on denying it. 

But after much force, Gerald went to a doctor for a checkup. The doctor asked for a physical checkup of the whole body. 

So he did what he was asked for. Everything was fine on the heart x-ray, but on the radiography, something unusual was seen in the heart. 

Hence, he was sent for some further tests. After all the tests, he was found to have Lung cancer in the first stage. 

It was his fortune that his cancer was discovered in an early stage, as his minor surgery made him all fine. 

His knee injury was luck, as it was the reason that he got to know about his cancer.

Gerald Has A Special Thing For War Veterans 

Gerald has always been actively involved in speaking for the soldier who has been giving so much for the country and its people. 

To date, Gerald has always spoken for the war veterans and has stood for them in the way he could. 

He not only speaks for them but is frequently seen visiting marines and sailors and speaking to them. 

He had played the role of a war veteran in one of the shows, because of which he has lived the life of those people one way or another. 

Gerald also visits many operation troops deployed for various social reasons. 

He is also a great Department of Veterans Affairs member and serves the nation.

Will Is Naturally A Funny Guy

Gerald plays a role against Will Smith in the movie FOCUS, where he is seen beating Will in fights. 

Gerald revealed that he can only beat Will in movies, as he would not be able to stand against Will in real life. 

But Gerald shared his experience with Will Smith by saying he was naturally funny. 

He revealed that working with Will was too easy and fun as he always makes jokes on the set. 

He also appreciated Will for being a hardworking person. 

Will might be soft and fun in person, but while working, he gives his everything, and as the name of the movie, the actor is always focused on his work.

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