Who Is Anissa? Girlfriend Of Allan Saint-Maximin

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Who Is Anissa? Girlfriend Of Allan Saint-Maximin

Anissa is the girlfriend of  French professional football player Allan Saint-Maximin

Her boyfriend Allen currently plays for the football club New Castle United as a midfielder.

She has a son with Allan.  

She was born in Nice in France. She is a French citizen

Anissa with her boyfriend, Allan Saint-Maximin and son Djayden.
Anissa with her boyfriend, Allan Saint-Maximin, and son Djayden. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

The young player is currently in a relationship with a girl named Anissa. They started dating each other in 2019.

Allan met his love of life while playing for the club OGC Nice

Despite being unmarried, the couple has a child together. 

They have a son together named Djayden

Anissa with her boyfriend, Allan Saint-Maximin.
Anissa with her boyfriend, Allan Saint-Maximin. Source: Instagram


Anissa was born in the year 1997 and is currently 25 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Allan is €14.7 Million. His source of income is football. 

Anissa's boyfriend, Allan Saint-Maximin.
Anissa's boyfriend, Allan Saint-Maximin. Source: Instagram

Allan’s Mentality To Win Is Necessary

Allan’s team, Newcastle United, went against Leeds United in the ending months of 2021

The game ended up in a draw, and Allan was the one scoring the draw goal against Leeds.

When asked about his reaction to the goal he scored, he said he was happy to score the goal but was disappointed with the team. 

He said a team should have the mentality to win regardless of who they are against. 

Newcastle United played well in that match, but they could not utilize many crucial chances to win, which made Allan not so happy. 

He also said that as a team, they have to go together no matter what. 

If the team wins by his efforts, it's not just his win. It's a win for all of the team. 

Similarly, if the team loses, it's not just his loss; it's a loss for all of the team. He believes in togetherness.

Allan Wants New Teammates

Allan is undoubtedly the best player in Newcastle United. 

He scores goals and creates many chances for the team to score and win. 

He gives his best in every match and helps the team to move forward. 

But in an interview, he expressed that he would have 10 to 15 assists if he had some teammates to finish his assist successfully. 

Many people misjudged this statement, saying that he was not happy with the team and had a bad relationship with his teammates. 

Later, the player tweeted to clear out things. 

He said he was happy with his teammates and they had great unity and togetherness within the team. 

He revealed that he wanted the team to grow and wanted to improve his individual performances as well. 

He said that a better player in the team could really change the team's status positively and help the team and him improve.

Allan Felt Bad For Steve

Allan came into Newcastle United under the guidance of Steve Bruce.

Steve raised Allan to be a great player and has always treated him well. 

Allan described Steve as a great man who was polite and caring to all the players. Allan was also really looked after by Steve.

Allan said he could talk to Steve any time inside and outside the pitch. 

Allan said that he could talk about his problems to Steve even if it is not related to football. 

Steve has always been a great manager for Allan and Newcastle. 

But the situation was formed, so he had to leave the club. Allan was feeling bad about it. 

He was disappointed with what happened to him and the club.

Allan Was Always This Fast

Allan gave an interview to Premier League where he answered some questions from his fans. 

He revealed that he was always a fast kid from a young age. 

His speed and acceleration now have drastically increased compared to his past, but for a normal child, he was fast. 

He was athletic in his childhood which helped him get better at running. Saying that he is also a very good dribbler. 

He revealed that he likes to dribble a lot in the game, and that’s his way of playing. 

Saying that many people like and dislike him for his dribble in the game. 

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