Who Is Anja Savcic Parents And Partner?

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Who Is Anja Savcic Parents And Partner?

Anja Savcic is an actress and producer. She is the character played by Claire Wikes in Loudermilk and Odette Lamar in Nancy Drew.

She was born in 1992 in Sarajevo, Bosnia. She has her birthday on November 27. She is a Bosnian citizen by nationality. 

According to sources, her parents are originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina

They became victims of war in the early 1990s and had to migrate from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Anja Savcic and her mom.
Anja Savcic and her mom. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Anja is married to her husband, Jeremy Laurie. They married in 2019, and Anja shared her wedding photos on social media.

Before their marriage in 2019, they dated for three years, and in 2018, they got engaged.

They have no children yet but own a dog together. 

Anja Savcic and her husband.
Anja Savcic and her husband. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Anja is 31 years old. She has a net worth of $500 thousand.

Anja Didn’t Expect Her Show To Be Hit

Anja's role in the series Loudermilk is Claire Wikes. She was the roommate of an addict role, played by Ron Livingston

She had a fantastic time working on the series, and now the series has been listed under Netflix's top 10 shows, which is a proud moment for Anja and her whole cast. 

She shared her happiness through her Instagram post and thanked her fans for giving so much love to the show. 

She never expected that the show would get so much love from people. 

Also, she opened up about receiving messages from the fans about how the show helped them with their problems, which made her and the show more exceptional. 

So, she is grateful for the show lovers. 

Anja Was Nervous

Anja joined Loudermilk in 2019. The show already had a huge fan following when she joined the cast, so it was an exciting and nervous moment for her. 

She got excited when she got the part in the show and was all in for the shooting, but joining the show in the middle gave her pressure, too. 

The acting and the writing of the show were terrific, and the character played by Brian as Mugsy had created its fan base.

People loved that character as Brian is an outstanding actor, so living up to that expectation of the show lovers was a bit pressurizing for her. 

She wanted to give her best in her Claire role to show her character’s significance in Brian’s character’s life. 

Overall, she had a fantastic time and is hoping for more seasons. 

Anja Overcame Her Shyness

Anja started appearing in movies and TV shows when she was pretty young. 

At the very beginning of her career, she did theater. She joined Arts Umbrella Touring Theater, which prepared her for her acting journey. 

She did stage performances for a long time, and during her time in theater, she learned about acting and presenting herself. 

Before joining the theater, she was a timid girl, but after a few years of stage acting, she overcame her fear of shyness and learned to present herself in front of people. 

She didn’t know much about filming as her time in the theater didn’t teach her, but she learned so many things about acting from the theater. 

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