Anja Tah – Meet Mother Of Jonathan Tah

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Anja Tah – Meet Mother Of Jonathan Tah

Anja Tah is the beloved mother of Jonathan Tah. Jonathan is a professional football player who plays as a centre-back. 

He is currently playing for the Germany national team and Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen. Anja is originally from Germany. Her nationality is German.

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Anja Tah with her son Jonathan Tah
Anja Tah with her son Jonathan Tah. Source: Twitter

Who is Anja married to?

Anja Tah was married to her husband, Aquilas Tah. Aquilas is originally from Ivory Coast, a country on the southern coast of West Africa

His nationality is Ivorian. They are parents of two children. 

They gave birth to their first child, a son, on February 11, 1996, in Hamburg, Germany, and named him Jonathan Glao Tah

Their second child is a daughter whom they named Deborah Tah. They could not save their marriage and got divorced. 

Anja Tah son Jonathan Tah and ex-husband Aquilas Tah
Anja Tah son Jonathan Tah and ex-husband Aquilas Tah. Source: Twitter

She solely raised her children

After divorcing her husband, Anja solely raised her children. She moved to Hamburg-Ottensen in a smaller home along with her children. 

They weren’t financially sound but Anja did everything she could for her children. She enrolled her children in the Heidberg district school

Anja Tah children Jonathan Tah and Deborah Tah
Anja Tah children Jonathan Tah and Deborah Tah. Source: Instagram

Net worth

Her son, Jonathan Tah, has an estimated net worth of 20 million euros

She had a difficult time raising her son? 

In an interview, Jonathan revealed that he gave his mother a hard time growing up.

Anja would let her children play as much as they liked on weekends so in 2002, Jonathan was always outdoors on weekends, playing football and riding bikes at the local park, Jemal-Altun-Park. 

He further revealed that they didn’t have grass grounds and had more concrete grounds with a hard blacktop court. 

While playing he used to tackle his friends a lot as he always wanted to be a guy who stopped a run and cleared the ball upfield for a counterattack than scoring a goal. 

During those tackles, he used to always rip his trousers and also his knees. 

At the end of the day, Anja would find her son injured and another ruined trouser. 

He said most parents would get upset when they had to constantly mend their children's torn clothes but his mother was a lot more understanding and came up with a plan. 

She bought him five pairs of trousers with the hope that one of them would last more than a couple of weekends. 

Jonathan would try to make them last but he couldn’t give up on his temptation to bring down a striker. 

He said he had to apologize to his mother because he had gone through so many pairs of trousers. 

After his first professional match, he went to his mother and handed her his jersey, and said there was no rip in this one. 

Jonathan said his mother is not the kind of person to show emotion or cry but that day he could see in his mother's eyes how proud she was of him. 

She wanted her son to complete his education

Jonathan has been interested in football since a young age. 

Even though she was unsure about her son's choice, she got him enrolled in the local club Altona 93 at the age of four but she had one condition for her son. 

Her condition was that her children must remain focused on their studies. 

Anja always wanted her son to be grounded and focused on his classes. She used to tell her son, 

You need to finish school, Jona. You never know what could happen. You could get injured and then what will you do? So many other kids want to be football players just like you…

Her son said for his mother, Anja, plan A was to go to college and university but for her son plan A was to become a professional football player and plan B was to make plan A work. 

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