Who Is Ank Gakpo? Mother Of Cody Gakpo

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Who Is Ank Gakpo? Mother Of Cody Gakpo

Ank Gakpo is famously known to be a celebrity mother. She is the beloved and beautiful mother of Cody Gakpo

Cody is a professional Dutch soccer player who contributes his role as a winger for Eredivisie club PSV and the Netherlands national team

Ank is a Dutch woman who was born and raised in the Netherlands. 

Besides being a celebrity mother, she is also a secondary school teacher and a mother of three kids. She is seen supporting Cody in his matches. 

Marriage And Children

Ank fell in love with her beloved husband, Johnny Gakpo, many years ago. Johnny is a Togolese who was born and raised in West Africa

The couple fell in love and started dating many years ago. 

After dating, making memories, and knowing each other for a few years, they decided to spend their life together forever. 

The couple tied the knot and exchanged vows in the 90s. Ank and Johnny have been together for more than two decades.

The loves birds are parents of three children. Their eldest son's name is Sidney Gakpo, whereas the youngest one in the family is Ducferre Gakpo.

Cody is their second child. The Gakpo brothers grew up together in Stratum, a small village Dutch province of North Brabant.

As they have enjoyed their childhood together, they share an extraordinary bond. 

Ank Gakpo's husband and son, Cody Gakpo.
Ank Gakpo's husband and son, Cody Gakpo. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

Ank's age is unknown, but her son Cody is 23. He was born on the 7th of May, 1999. His zodiac sign is Taurus. 

Just defined by his zodiac sign, it seems Cody is an ambitious, hardworking, and strenuous 23 years old man who has been successful in being a football star since his teenage. 

Ank's net worth is unknown, but according to some sources, her son Cody has a net worth of approximately, 10 million euros in 2020

He earns a huge amount of money by being an athlete. He contributes his role as a talented footballer in the Eredivisie club PSV and the Netherlands national team as a winger.

Cody Loved Going To The PSV’s Phillips Stadium

Cody has been very fond of soccer since he was a kid. He was really interested in watching football matches, so he used to go to Psv's Stadium.

He was very loyal about reaching to Psv stadium first and watching the matches from very near.  

All those times, he reached the stadium first and seated in the seats from where he could see the footballer playing very carefully. 

He has also met with many famous footballers like Patrick Kluivert, Mark van Bommel and Arjen Robben.

Cody Gakpo with his partner.
Cody Gakpo with his partner. Source: Instagram

Cody Has A Gene Of footballer

If you don't know, let me tell you that Cody's father, Johnny was a soccer player. 

He is a former professional Togo football player who was a player that played with the Togolese national team

He started his football career in the Youth of Togo

But he took retirement from playing football before Cody's birth, due to which Cody could not really see what it was like being a footballer in his youth. 

Though he didn't see his dad's football life, we believe he got his football genes from him. 

He stepped in his dad's footsteps, and now he is one of the most popular players in the world.

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