Ann Courtney Harrell - Tragedy Of Dabney Coleman Ex Wife

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Ann Courtney Harrell - Tragedy Of Dabney Coleman Ex Wife

Ann Courtney Harrell is the ex-wife of legendary actor Dabney Coleman

Dabney is known for his work in more than 60 movies. He was a Primetime Emmy Award winner and a Golden Globe Award winner. He passed away on 16th May.

He will always remain a legend and has already walked the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2014. 

He was 92 years of age.

Ann Courtney Harrell and Dabney got married in 1957

The couple did not have a happy marriage. 

They married in 1957, but sadly, their marriage did not last two years. They divorced in 1959

Husband moved on 

Ann's ex-husband did not remain single for long. After two years of divorce, he married again—this time to an American actress, Jean Hale

The couple got married in 1961. Dabney's marriage this time around was also not meant forever. The couple lived a long married life but had to divorce because of marital problems. 

The couple parted ways in 1984, 23 years after their marriage. The couple has children: Quincy Coleman,Kelly Johns, Randy Coleman, and Meghan Coleman

Jean is no more, as she passed away on 3rd August 2021. 

Daughter Quincy Coleman's tribute

The cause of death is not given, but his daughter has confirmed Dabney died peacefully and exquisitely. 

He passed away on Thursday in his home. 

She explains that her father crafted his time on Earth with a curious mind and a generous heart. His soul was on fire with passion and humor. His soul was full of desire, which tickled humanity's funny bone.

She adds that her father moved through the end of life with elegance, mastery, and excellence. 

She describes her father as a hero, a king, and a teacher. She gave a beautiful tribute to her loving father.

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Husband Enjoys Playing An Egotistical Chauvinist

Dabney has an unusual name and tells the interviewer it is a Virginia name. 

The interviewer tells him that he has never heard of that name anywhere; the interviewer and, in reply, Dabney tells him he has not heard of it either. 

He jokingly adds that anyone who has heard of it is a wasp. He tells the interviewer that it is an English derivation. 

He also talks about his show Buffalo Bill

He explains a total of 6 people wrote the show. Dabney always enjoys doing Egotistical Chauvinist characters in moviemaking and TV shows, and he adds that he has been doing such characters since Mary Hartman. He says it is fun to play a character like that. 

However, he answers that he is not like that in real life and that those are only reel characters. 

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