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Ann Lancaster is the mother of Cherry Seaborn, a consultant and a former hockey player by profession. 

She is the mother-in-law of famous singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran. Ann was born in England. She is an English citizen. 

She is married to Matthew Seaborn, a former cricket and football player in Oxford. 

Ann and Matthew together have two children. They are Cherry and Charlie.     

Relationship status of Cherry Seaborn

Cherry Seaborn was married to a famous singer and songwriter, Ed Sheeran, in January of 2019.

They have a child together named Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran. She was born in August of 2020.

Cherry has always kept her life private, and even Ed Sheeran being a celebrity, kept his personal life aside from media. 

So it was a shock when the media found them dating.

Cherry and Ed Sheeran were in the same school in their teenage. 

They were not in a relationship back then, but Ed Sheeran had a crush on Cherry.

They were not dating until they met at Taylor Swift's function in 2015

At that time, Cherry used to work in New York, and Ed Sheeran had some shows going on there. 

That is when they met and fell in love.

They, despite dating, kept their relationship private until Ed Sheeran proposed to her in 2018 and then got married in 2019.

Cherry with her husband, Ed
Cherry with her husband, Ed  Source: Pinterest

About Cherry Seaborn

Cherry was born on 6 May 1992 in England. She was born to Ann Lancaster and Matthew Seaborn.

She has a brother named Charlie Seaborn.

She is married to the famous singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran and has a child named Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran

She is a graduate of Cellular and Molecular biology and even holds a master's degree. She is professionally a consultant. 

She began as a consultant and now is in senior-most post.

She was also a former athlete as she used to play for England in under21 as a hockey player

She is now widely known for being the wife of popular singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran.

Cherry with her husband, Ed Sheeran
Cherry with her husband, Ed Sheeran  Source: Instagram

Did Cherry Injure In Her Hockey Match?

In 2019, Cherry had a hockey match. She played for her team Harleston Magpies, against Exeter's Isca Hockey club. 

Her husband, Ed Sheeran, was also there as a fanboy to cheer her up during her match. 

She and her team won the match, but Cherry was injured. 

She suddenly fell on the ground while playing, making her knee bleed. She was bandaged and was substituted. 

She didn't have a severe injury and was happy that her team won the game despite her absence in the middle of the match.

Cherry playing hockey
Cherry playing hockey  Source: Twitter


Currently, Cherry is 29 years old.

Net Worth

As of today, Cherry has a total net worth of $3 Million. Her main source of income is a professional consultant and Risk Advisor

In America, the average salary of a Consultant is about $88,990 annually. 

Cherry Helped His Husband To Overcome Addiction

Cherry's husband, Ed, was a workaholic person. He used to do a lot of shows and was doing good on it. 

He never felt like taking a break. He also used to party under the influence of his celebrity friend. 

They used to use drugs and substances there, and he was also influenced by it. 

It was not that he liked it, but he somehow couldn't leave it. Cherry then helped him to improve his habits. 

Due to Cherry's suggestion, Ed took a break from his work and everything. 

This made them come even closer, and his addiction was gone.

Cherry Was The Reason For The Beautiful Song "Perfect"

Cherry and Ed Sheeran were dating a few years back and were enjoying life with each other. 

They were once having fun at their friend's house in Ibiza. They were so much in the mood at that time to enjoy. 

They danced in the garden and were having a romantic moment. They even jumped in the pool. 

The next day, he thought about Cherry and the moments that he had spent with her and wrote a song, "Perfect," which was a super hit.

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