Who Is Ann Seyfried? Mother Of Amanda Seyfried

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Who Is Ann Seyfried? Mother Of Amanda Seyfried

Ann Seyfried is the mother of American actress Amanda Seyfried. 

Ann is a therapist by her profession. She is married to her husband, Jack Seyfried, a pharmacist. 

She has two daughters, Amanda and Jennifer, with her husband, Jack. She is an American citizen. 

About Ann's Daughter Amanda 

Amanda is an actress well known for her portrayal as Karen Smith in the teen comedy movie Mean Girls

She has shown her appearance in many series and movies throughout her Hollywood career. 

Her parents raised her with her sister in Pennsylvania. Her full name is Amanda Michelle Seyfried.

Ann Seyfried's daughter Amanda Seyfried.
Ann Seyfried's daughter Amanda Seyfried. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Amanda 

Amanda is currently married to her husband, Thomas Sadoski, an actor. 

They tied the knot in the year 2017, and they are now blessed with two children. They are parents to a son and a daughter.

How Did Amanda Meet Thomas? 

Amanda met Thomas for the first time in 2015 as they both worked as costars in a Broadway play. 

At that time, they both had different partners, so they remained friends. 

Luckily, that same year, they met on the set of The Last Word and worked together. In 2016, Amanda and Thomas started dating each other, and in the same year, they got engaged. 

Who Has Amanda Dated?

Before tying the knot with Thomas, Amanda had affairs with many well-known actors. 

In 2008 she was in a relationship with actor Dominic Cooper. They dated for a year, and after that, they split. 

She got into a relationship with Desmond Harrington in 2012 and stayed with him till 2013

Amanda also dated actor Justin Long. She was with him for two years from 2013 to 2015. 

Age And Net Worth 

Her daughter Amanda is 37 years old. She has a net worth of $17 Million.

Ann Seyfried with her daughter Amanda Seyfried.
Ann Seyfried with her daughter Amanda Seyfried. Source: People

Ann Is Great At Parenting

Ann is the mother of two, and as a mother of two adults, she knows how to raise a child. 

For the same reason, Ann was summoned by her daughter Amanda. She was having her first child, a daughter. 

Ann was happy to be a full-time nanny for her grandchild and was good at taking care of her grandchild. 

As Amanda was a new mom, she learned a lot from her mother and her parenting ways. 

There were a lot of similarities between Ann’s parenting and Amanda’s parenting, but there were some times when they disagreed on something. 

But according to Amanda, they always listen to one another and go together. 

Since Ann came to Amanda’s house, she has not left the house. Amanda revealed that Ann and her husband go along well, and she is also taking care of Amanda’s second child. 

Amanda Went Through Nudity

Amanda was 18 or 19 when she started to get her stardom. 

She was working on movies as a new artist and was given a script that include nudity. 

She had to perform naked at that young age, and she couldn’t deny the script. 

She wanted the job and wanted to be an actress, so she acted without the clothes on her body. 

As an adult as well, she considers it to be one of the biggest regrets she has in her life. 

She faced a lot of insecurity and safety issues because of her stardom. 

She said that many movies include unnecessary nudity for teenagers, which she believes should be stopped. She came out with her this insecurity in the #MeToo movement.

Amanda Believes In Multitasking 

Amanda is an amazing artist who can sing, dance, and act. 

But with all her creative talent, she is very talented in knitting. She believes that knitting is her therapy to stay focused and multitask. 

She can knit when taking her dog for a walk. She expressed that multitasking is fun and loves to do it quite often. 

Not only that, but she is also a great fan of the taxidermy collection. She believes animals are really easy to look at when they are not alive. 

She has taxidermies of animals like butterflies, owls, moose, foxes, goats, baby horses, and a hybrid deer. 

Parenting Helped Amanda With Mental Health

Amanda went through a lot of anxiety and depression during her pregnancy days. 

She revealed that she developed OCD, which was very serious. She faced great fear and anxiety because of that OCD. 

She had to take Lexapro to calm her mental condition. She took this medication for some time, and it helped her with her problems. 

Even after the pregnancy, she suffered from postpartum depression and mental hazards. 

She didn’t know what to do and who to ask for help. But fortunately for her, parenting her child was therapy for her.

Looking at the child made her pain disappear, and she easily overcame postpartum depression and recovered her mental state.

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