Who Is Anna Galchenyuk? Sister Of Alex Galchenyuk

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Who Is Anna Galchenyuk? Sister Of Alex Galchenyuk

Anna Galchenyuk is the older sister of a professional ice hockey center and unrestricted free agent Alex Galchenyuk.

She was born to her mother, Inna, and Alexander Galchenyuk. Her parents raised her with her brother in Wisconsin, USA

She is a model, businesswoman, and social media influencer as a profession.

She is an American citizen.

Anna Galchenyuk with her parents and brother.
Anna Galchenyuk with her parents and brother. Source: Facebook

Marriage And Children

Anna's marriage detail in unavailable, but she is a son's mother. 

Going through her social media, she is a single mother enjoying motherhood with her cute son. She is not dating anyone right now.

 Anna Galchenyuk with her son.
Anna Galchenyuk with her son. Source: Facebook

About Anna's Brother Alex

Alex is a professional ice hockey center and an unrestricted free agent. He is currently playing for the NHL team Nashville Predators

He joined the team on July 24, 2023. He was born to his mom and dad in 1994 and has his birthday on Feb 12

Anna Galchenyuk with her brother Alex Galchenyuk.
Anna Galchenyuk with her brother Alex Galchenyuk. Source: Twitter

Married Life Of Alex 

Alex is not married yet, but he does have a girlfriend. Alex has been dating Chanel Leszczynski, a model, for a long time now. 

Alex's Girlfriend Got Arrested 

Alex and his girlfriend Chanel have been together for a very long time. 

They have gone through good and bad times throughout their relationship, but they somehow managed to stick together. 

Talking about the bad times, back in 2016, Alex and Chanel got into a terrible fight. 

At that time, Alex was playing for Montreal Canadiens. His team won a match scoring three against Pittsburgh

So to celebrate his and his team's win, he threw a party at his place.

Everything was going smoothly at the party until his girlfriend arrived. Chanel came to the party and started fighting with Alex

Their fight turned ugly, and her girlfriend started shouting. 

The whole scenario started turning out violent, so one of the party attendees called the police. 

The cops arrived and handcuffed Chanel, as she was the one who started the fight in the first place. 

However, no strict action was taken against her because Alex denied filing any case against her. 

The actual reason behind their fighting hasn't been revealed.

Age And Net Worth

Her brother Alex is 29 years old. He has a net worth of $7 Million

Alex Gave Death Threats

On July 9, the famous hockey player was arrested by police on multiple charges. 

According to the police, Alex hit a sign and curb from his BMW on Scottsdale Road

After hitting the other's property, he was lying on the ground when another man came and kept him in his car, and drove away. 

The police pulled over the car and arrested him. 

When the police officer was trying to arrest him, he intimidated the police officer, saying that he would kill him and his whole family. 

He gave scary death threats to the officer and even claimed that he knew detectives from Russia and would end the whole bloodline of the officer

He also used racial slurs against police, which got him arrested with multiple charges.

Alex Wants To Keep Things Simple

Alex played against his former team in one of the ice hockey matches, and his team won against his former team. 

He was one of the key players to get the win for the team. 

In the post-match interview, the reporter asked if he felt special winning against his former team.

 But his answer was no. He didn't feel any better to win against his former team. 

He was happy that his team played well and won the match deserving. 

He said there was no past for him as he is no longer in his former team. So he wanted to keep things simple as possible. 

He had no feelings toward his former team and teammates and was solely playing for his new team. 

Also, after every season's matches, he tries to work on himself to improve for his other season.

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