Who Is Anna McClung? Sister Of Mac McClung

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Who Is Anna McClung? Sister Of Mac McClung

Anna McClung is the older sister of American basketball player Mac McClung. Anna herself is a former soccer player

Her parents are Marcus McClung and Lenoir McClung. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Anna McClung with her parents.
Anna McClung with her parents. Source: Instagram

Is Anna Married?

Anna is married, and her husband's name is Nolan Ray. 

Nolan is a professional golfer. They studied together at the University of Tennessee and have started dating since then. 

They married in July 2021 in the presence of family and friends.

Anna McClung with her husband Nolan Ray.
Anna McClung with her husband Nolan Ray. Source: Instagram

About Anna's Famous Brother Mac McClung

Mac is a professional basketball player. He currently plays for the team Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA

He was born to his parents, Marcus and Lenoir, in the year 1999

He grew up with his only sibling, sister Anna and two brothers, Noah and Cam.

Anna McClung with her brother, Mac McClung.
Anna McClung with her brother, Mac McClung. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Mac 

Mac is not married yet. Also, he doesn't have a girlfriend currently. 

Who Has Mac Dated?

Mac is private about his life, but it is known that he had a relationship with a girl named Alexa at Georgetown University

Their relationship was strange as the girl Alexa already had a boyfriend named Derek

The thing was, Alexa showed her interest in Mac because of his dunking skills. 

She got impressed by his skills and manipulated her boyfriend, saying that her and Mac's relationship was okay. 

Mac and Alexa were seen kissing together many times at that time. 

Age And Net Worth 

Anna was born in the year 1994, which makes her 28 years old.

Her brother has a net worth of $1-$5 Million

Family of Anna McClung.
Family of Anna McClung. Source: Instagram

Mac Doesn't Care About Money 

Mac has come a long way as a basketball player in his sports career. 

He is very popular for his dunking skills and as he is a very talented, skillful player. As a result, many basketball teams want him to be on their team. 

He has been offered millions of money from different teams to come and play for them. 

Despite getting huge offers, he always chooses to play in the G league and turns down all those offers which clearly shows that Mac doesn't care about the money. 

When he gets millions of offers from the team, it makes it hard for him to choose. 

No matter what, he always turns down that offer because he doesn't want to play overseas, and thankfully he has a team that guides him and helps him in those hard situations. 

Proud Of Winning The Contest 

Mac won the 2023 NBA Dunk Contest Champion along with his teammates. 

Winning that contest was a very proud moment for him, and it was surreal. 

After winning the trophy, he talked about his teammates and shared that they supported him. 

He and his team supported and tried to become very creative in the game, contributing to them winning the contest. 

His final dunk in the championship made his team win, and it gave the vibe of Vince Carter, a former player, and Mac couldn't believe that he did the dunk style of such a great player. 

He didn't plan on doing it, and it happened suddenly. 

Vince has always inspired Mac, and as he watches him so much, it might be the reason behind his dunk in finals. 

Mac’s Family Is Always With Him

Mac's parents have always stood up with Mac throughout his basketball journey, and now they have been super supportive of Mac in his NBA career. 

His mother has always seen her son enjoying basketball, and his father has always seen his potential and hard work to improve his games. 

Mac's dad even sees Mac always getting better every year. 

He and his family never have ordinary family meet-ups like at Christmas or any festive season despite the fact they have football and basketball seasons so that the whole family can stay together and enjoy. 

As parents both Mac's parents always wanted to see Mac happy, and they genuinely feel that being part of the NBA is the only thing that makes their son Mac happy.

Mac Didn't Get Qualified For NBA? 

Mac is one of the talented basketball players who started playing basketball in his youth. 

He has been a great player in college, and his dunk skills impressed everyone. 

He played for many teams and won the dunk contests too. 

He is so talented that he could do things other former great players couldn't do. 

Despite being so talented, he had difficulty getting selected in the NBA

He was drafted in the 2021 NBA but got rejected because none of the teams wanted him on the team. 

So he undrafted his name and moved to another basketball team. 

He didn't want to give up on his NBA dreams, so he again drafted his name but unfortunately didn't get qualified. 

It was in 2023 when he joined the Philadelphia 76ers and got to play his first NBA dunk champion.

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