Who Is Anna Steegen? Stunning Girlfriend Of Leander Dendoncker

by Pragya Thu Nov 24 2022 Updated On Sat Nov 26 2022
Who Is Anna Steegen? Stunning Girlfriend Of Leander Dendoncker

Anna Steegen is the girlfriend of Belgian professional footballer Leander Dendoncker

She works as a regional manager assistant. She was born in the year 1996 and has a birthday on September 19. 

Anna Steegen with her boyfriend, Leander Dendoncker. Source: Instagram

About Her Love Life

Anna is not married yet. She is currently in a relationship with football player Leander Dendoncker.

They have been dating for a short time now. 

Anna's boyfriend, Leander is open about their relationship, and since April, he has been posting pictures of them together, so they might have started dating in April 2022. 

Anna Steegen and Leander Dendoncker. Source: Instagram

About Anna's Boyfriend, Leander 

Leander was born in the year 1995. He currently plays for the Premier League club Aston Villa and Belgium national team.

Age And Net Worth 

Anna is 25 years old. Her net worth is under review, but her boyfriend, Leander is 27 years old and has and a net worth of 22 Million Euros.

Anna’s Boyfriend Got Injured In Important Matches

Anna’s boyfriend, Leander, was one of the biggest parts of the Belgium team in the 2020 Euro Cup.

He was one of the most consistent players in the team and had great individual stats. 

He was getting comfortable with the team and was playing as per the tactics making him one of the starting 11 in the team. 

But just before the San Marino match, the midfielder suffered an injury. 

He was training with the team on a regular day and got himself injured. 

Fortunately, it was a minor injury. Although he had to miss the upcoming match, he was reported to be fine for other matches in future.

Leander Will Have To Adapt To The Club

Leander joined the club in 2022 and did what he was bought for. 

With the team, he got to play in the tactics of the club’s ex-manager Stevan

He was doing well with the team and starting to adapt to the unit when the group decided to change its manager. 

Since the team was going defensively, Unai was signed as the new manager for the team. 

As a new coach, new thinking and strategy were coming to the club, and Leander was ready for it. 

He revealed that he and his teammate would probably have to adapt to the ways of a new manager and walk in his shoes.

Leander Deserved To Win

Leander played for Wolverhampton back in the day, and they went against Leicester City FC

The game ended in a draw, but according to the defensive player, his team deserved the win in the match. 

From the beginning of the game, Leander revealed that they were dominating. 

They knew Leicester was a great team, but they didn’t let their guard down and didn’t allow them to cross the defence line. 

Wolverhampton almost won as they scored the goal. But the VAR called the plan off-site and cancelled it. 

As it was not the first time the game was out of hand because of VAR, they were disappointed. 

Leander said that it was challenging to accept the decision of the VAR

Still, his team moved on and carried the game forward. The game ended in a draw, but Leander believed it should have been a win for them.

Leander Was The First Target Of VAR

Leander was playing with Wolverhampton when the VAR was introduced to the game. 

It was a fair play in the game that no one could question. 

It might not have been an excellent achievement for the player, but he was one of the first players in Wolverhampton whose goal was not considered by VAR in a league match. 

He scored against Leicester City, and VAR ruled out his goal one could question it.

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