Annachi Wilson- Rebel Wilson Sister Dating?

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Annachi Wilson- Rebel Wilson Sister Dating?

Annachi Wilson is the youngest sister of Rebel Wilson, an Australian actress, comedian, writer, singer, and producer. 

Annachi was born in 1992 in Sydney, Australia, and her real name is Annaleise. She was born to Sue Bownds, a dog handler, and her father's name is unknown.

Her father died due to a heart attack. She grew up with her three siblings, Liberty, Ryot Wilson, and Rebel

She graduated from the University of Los Angeles, and she is yet to start her career.

About Annachi's Sister, Rebel Wilson

Rebel is one of the most popular actress recognized worldwide, and she is famous for her comedy role. 

She is a producer and a writer also. She started her acting career from an Australian TV show named Pizza

Later she started playing in many other movies, which gave her international recognition, and she began appearing in American films like Bachelorette and Pitch Perfect

She is also the person behind the voice role in the video game called "Ice Age: Continental Drift." She has also won many awards like Teen Choice Award and MTV Movie Award

Annachi Wilson with her sister Rebel
Annachi Wilson with her sister Rebel  Source: Instagram

Childhood of Rebel

On the 2nd of March, 1980, she was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, as Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson

Her parents used to work as dog handlers, and the family used to travel around the country pretty often to sell canine products, which her childhood was very unusual. 

She has three siblings, and among them, she is the oldest one. Growing up, she was a very shy kid, and she started to notice people, which helped her do comedy. 

She attended a girl's school named Tara Anglican School, completed high school in 1997, and then studied at the University of New South Wales. 

Annachi Wilson sister Rebel and mother
Annachi Wilson sister Rebel and mother  Source: Instagram

Rebel Suffering from PCOs

Rebel gave an interview to the BBC News where she talked about her weight loss and health. 

In the interview, she shared how being over-healthy affected her health and how she lost 70 pounds

Rebel is well known for her comedy debut in Hollywood. She is very talented and has won an award for her comedies. 

She opened up that in 2020 she decided to prioritize her health and lose weight for herself. 

She said that when she told people about losing weight and focusing on her heath, they pushed back her saying that she should not be doing that. 

She said she earned millions of money because of her weighted body, and she was always taken as a funny fat girl in Hollywood.

Rebel thinks that women can only get people's attention if they have maintained body and beauty. 

Talking about Rebel, she went through body transformation because she wanted to achieve a healthy lifestyle. 

Rebel didn't let her healthy body as a weakness. When she was fat, she was confident, and she loved how she was but slowly, she realized that too much eating junk food was affecting her body. 

In one of her posts, she opened up about her dealing with PCOs, and because of that, she might get issues with fertility.

She opened up that she had never wanted to have kids before, but suddenly in her 30s, she wanted her kid. 

She is not sure if she could be a mom or not. She wants her health to be in good condition. 

She shared her body transformation journey through her social media. Rebel said that the reason behind her sharing her journey is to inspire people and wants to help people like her.

Net Worth

Her professional is not available right now. Her sister Rebel's estimated net worth is $20 million, and her source of income is acting, writing, comedy, singing, and as a producer. 

Age, Height, and Weight

Annachi is currently 29 years old, born in 1992 in Sydney, Australia. Her nationality is Australian. Her height is around five feet and two inches. 

Her Relationship Status

As of 2021, Annachi seems single as she is living her happy life traveling with her siblings and friends. 

She is very active on social media, and she keeps posting pictures with most of the men, so it is not clear whether she is dating someone or they are only her friends.

And her sister Rebel is also currently single as she split from her millionaire boyfriend Jacob Busch this February

They were a good couple before splitting up as they helped each other in improving their health. 

They used to motivate each other, but things didn't turn out well to continue their relationship. 

After four months of breakup, she said that she was ready to date again.

Annachi Wilson Family
Annachi Wilson Family   Source: Instagram

Some Facts About Wilson

She is active in social media. Her Instagram is full of her adventurous trips. 

She loves traveling and has already visited several countries such as Mexico, United States, and many more.

Her great aunt Lillian Bounds was married to Walt Disney

Annachi Wilson on her vacation
Annachi Wilson on her vacation    Source: Instagram

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