Who is Annalee Thomas? Wife of Henry Thomas

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Who is Annalee Thomas? Wife of Henry Thomas

Annalee Thomas is the wife of Henry Thomas, an American actor

Marriage And Children

Annalee met her future husband in 2009 and began dating. They got married in the same year.

They have two children: a daughter, Evelyn Thomas, and a son, Henry Thomas

They moved to Wilsonville, Oregon, in 2014. The couple are still together and married. 

Annalee Thomas with her husband, Henry Thomas.
Annalee Thomas with her husband, Henry Thomas. Source: Pinterest

Her Husband's Previous Relationships

Henry's real name is Henry Jackson Thomas Jr. He was born on September 9, 1971

He began his career as a child actor. He has won many awards, including a Golden Globe Award

Henry has been married three times. His first marriage was to Kelly Hill from 2000 to 2002

Then, he married actress Marie Zielcke in 2004. Marie is an actress from Germany

After the marriage, they had a daughter named Hazel Thomas. But unfortunately, they got divorced in 2007

Henry was also involved in a romantic relationship with actress Alex Essoe, his co-star in Doctor Sleep.


Annalee might be in her 40s

Net worth

Her husband Henry's net worth is about $1.5 million.

Children of Annalee Thomas.
Children of Annalee Thomas. Source: Instagram

Henry Talked About Why He Left Hollywood 

Henry talked about how he became famous after starring in the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

He says that this sudden fame changed his life and made it hard to find new acting roles because people only saw him as the kid from E.T.

Eventually, he left Hollywood and lived on an Oregon farm. 

He also mentioned that being an actor can be tricky with long periods without work, and he tells his kids not to rely on acting for a stable career. 

He shares a funny story about how his kids weren't too impressed with his E.T. role because they had seen the movie trailer many times. 

He also talked about the possibility of a sequel to E.T., saying that while fans might want one, it might not be the right idea to continue the story.

Henry's Life After The Big Break 

Henry became famous as a kid for his role in the movie E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. 

He auditioned for the part by pretending to cry for a puppet alien, and it was so good that he got the job. 

His mom had a hard time dealing with all the attention, and even he had to call the authorities a few times because some fans were acting strangely. 

Now that he has grown up and has kids of his own, Henry wouldn’t want his children to become actors when they are young because he thinks it can be challenging. 

It can mess up family life and make things weird. 

Henry almost stopped acting in the late 2000s because it was tough to find work, and he had to provide for his family. 

But then he got a big break when he started working with director  Mike Flanagan, and he’s been in several movies and T.V. shows since then. 

Even though many people still remember him as the kid from E.T., he is okay with that. 

He even goes to fan conventions to meet fans and share memories of the movie. 

He is grateful for his success as a child actor and feels proud to be part of something special like E.T.

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