Annalise Bishop

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Annalise Bishop

Annalise Bishop is the second daughter of a famous American actor, comedian, singer-songwriter and record producer of Jamie Fox

Her mother’s name is Kristin Grannis.  

Annalise Bishop Parents
Annalise Bishop Parents  Source: Instagram

She also has an elder half-sister named Corinne Fox, a model from his father’s first wife. She is an American citizen. 

Annalisa with his dad and older sister
Annalisa with his dad and older sister  Source: Instagram

Relation status of Jamie Fox

Jamie had a relationship with Connie Kline. They both met in 1993. After that, they started dating each other. 

A year after dating, Fox and Kline gave birth to a daughter named Corrine Fox. After the birth of their child, they soon ended their love life.

Back in 2009, Jamie was in a relationship with Kristin Grannis

They both dated each other for a year and they has a daughter together named Annalise Bishop

In 2010, Jamie started dating Stacey Dash, an actress. They dated for a couple of years and parted ways.

Jamie dated Cristy Rice for a year and got separated. Jamie was in a long-term relationship with Katie Holmes

They got into a relationship in 2014. They both were caught together in many events. 

But their relationship didn’t last long as they broke up in 2019

Nobody knew that they had ended their relationship until Jamie was seen with Sela Vave.

They both dated for a certain time and ended their relationship.

As of 2021, Jamie is single. 

About Jamie Fox

Jamie is an American actor, comedian, singer and record producer born on December 13, 1967

His birth name is Eric Marlon Bishop but professionally known as Jamie Fox.

He was born to his father, Darrell Bishop, and mother, Louise Annette Talley Dixon

His parents did not raise him as he got adopted by Estelle Marie and Mark Tally just after he stepped into the world. 

His grandmother played an important role in his life as she guided him at every step of his life. 

He started his career as a comedian who used to say funny things in a club. At that time, he changed his name to Jamie Fox

He also started appearing in comedy movies at first. He got public attention and popularity from his name, Ray.

His best movies are Just Mercy, Power and Due Date. He has two daughters with his different ex-partners.

Annalise Bishop with her father
Annalise Bishop with her father  Source: Instagram 

Woman Accused Jamie For Harassment

In 2002, Jamie had organized a party at his home in which he had invited many guests. 

Woman who attended the same party accused Jamie, saying he forced her to give him oral sex. 

She also filed a case against Jamie. According to her, she was there at Jamie’s house party with her friend. 

She reported to the police and said that Jamie forced her for oral sex, and when she denied it, Jamie misbehaved with her. 

She also claimed that she had gone for treatment as she faced a panic attack after that incident.  

Jamie defended himself, saying that the woman had made up the story as he hadn’t done anything to her. 

Jamie stood up for himself and filed a case against women as she made false allegations against him. 

He assured them that incident never happened at his party. 


Annalise was born on October 10, 2008. Her current age is 13 years.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Jamie is $150 Million. His earns through comedy, acting and as being a record producer

His yearly salary is estimated to be $216,240 per year. 

Jaime Spoke In Favor Of Jimmy 

Jimmy Fallon’s one of the videos went viral on social media in 2020

In this video, Jimmy pretended to be a black guy by wearing black makeup. He was trying to copy the famous comedian Chris Rock

It might have been the video of him performing in the “Saturday Night Live” show two decades old clip, but in 2020 people started accusing him of his racist act. 

In the meantime, Jaime supported him. He commented in Jimmy’s post by asking people to stop blaming him. 

He said that it was a part of the comedy, and he has also done it in his career by pretending to be many comedians of many colors. 

He said that there are many major things that people need to be standing up against rather than in Jimmy’s matter. 

Jamie Fox As A Savior

Back in 2016, Jamie managed to help a person who got stuck in a car that was burning. 

According to Jamie, the car driver was drunk, and the car caught fire. 

Jamie thought it was his responsibility to help that person, so he just went and helped the other person get out of the car. 

That accident took place near his house.

The car that got into the accident got stroked with the drainage ditch, which caused flipping of the car so many times that it got destroyed and started to burn. 

The police investigating that case informed that the person was completely drunk, and as he lost control over himself, he got into the accident. 

Few people saw the accident and tried their best to help the person, but they couldn’t. 

Fox, who saw that accident, immediately went there to help that man and managed to take him out of that car. 

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