Who Is Anne Grace Morgenstern? Daughter Of Piper Laurie

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Who Is Anne Grace Morgenstern? Daughter Of Piper Laurie

Anne Grace Morgenstern is the daughter of Piper Laurie, who was an American actress.

Anne Grace Morgenstern with her mom, Piper Laurie.
Anne Grace Morgenstern with her mom, Piper Laurie. Source: Steven Begleiter

Adopted Child

Piper and Joe Morgenstern were married in 1962, and they adopted a daughter named Anne Grace

After their marriage, Piper took a break from the film industry to raise her family in New York

In the 1970s, she returned to acting and appeared in a Broadway play

Piper and Joe divorced in 1981.

Anne was born on January 9, 1971. Her parents, Piper and Joe, met when Joe interviewed Piper after the film The Hustler was released in 1961.

Despite having famous parents, Anne Grace chose to live a private life away from the media spotlight.

Parents of Anne Grace Morgenstern.
Parents of Anne Grace Morgenstern. Source: Pinterest

About Her Mother

Piper was a talented actress who had a successful career in Hollywood despite taking a break from acting for a while. 

She passed away at 91 on October 14, 2023.

She debuted in Hollywood in 1949 and was given a new name and several leading roles in movies. 

She received Academy Award nominations for three films: The Hustler in 1961, Carrie in 1976, and Children of a Lesser God in 1986

She also had notable roles in television, such as in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks

At one point, she left Hollywood due to dissatisfaction and moved to New York, where she found meaningful roles in theatre and live television drama. 

She received Emmy nominations for her performances. She also turned her attention to painting and baking. 

She briefly returned to acting in 1976 when she played a memorable role in the Horror film Carrie

This marked the start of her comeback in acting, and she had a busy career in film and television. 

Piper was a versatile and talented actor who made an unforgettable impact in the entertainment industry.


Anne was born on January 9, 1971. She is 52 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

Piper's net worth at the time of her death 5 million dollars. She was living a lavish lifestyle. 

Piper Was Disappointed By The Final Movie Of “The Hustler”

Piper talked about her role in The Hustler and her feelings when she watched it. 

She was surprised and disappointed because the final movie was quite different from what she had expected. 

She also mentioned her experience working with Paul Newman, saying it was enjoyable. Still, they didn’t have many scenes together or got to know each other well until they worked on The Hustler

Piper Laurie felt uncomfortable watching the Oscars when her nomination was announced, but she was glad she wasn’t there then.

Piper Discuss About Her Hit Movie “Carrie”

Piper talked about her experience working on the movie Carrie

At first, she didn’t like the script and thought it was a comedy, but she changed her mind after meeting with the director, Brian De Palma, who impressed her with his ideas for the film. 

She enjoyed working with Sissy Spacek, who played the character Margaret White

Even though the role was severe, she found it funny. When Carrie became a big hit, Piper was surprised by its success and how well her performance was received. 

This led to her being nominated for an Oscar. She attended the Oscar ceremony, but she was disappointed when she didn’t win. 

Despite not winning, the experience was still a memorable one for her.

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