Who Is Anthony Jeselnik Parents And Partner?

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Who Is Anthony Jeselnik Parents And Partner?

Anthony Jeselnik is an American comedian, writer, actor, and producer. He is very popular for his dark comedy styles. 

His mom's name is Stephanie, and his dad's name is Anthony. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Married Life Of Anthony

Anthony is not married, so he doesn't have a wife. He also doesn't have a girlfriend. The comedian is single. 

However, there had been rumors of him dating Elizabeth Viggiano back in 2021, but later, it was clear that they had nothing between them. 

Anthony doesn't talk much about his private life.

Who Has Anthony Dated?

Anthony was previously in a relationship with famous comedian Amy Schumer. They dated back in 2009 and were together till 2011.

Anthony Jeselnik and his ex-partner.
Anthony Jeselnik and his ex-partner. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Anthony is 43 years old. Anthony's net worth is estimated at $3 to $5 million. His source of income is comedy, acting, and writing. 

Anthony Had To Call The Police

Anthony went to New Zealand for a show, and one of the actions brought him such haters that his family’s and his own life were threatened. 

In an interview, he revealed that he loved sharks and loves it even more when a shark attacks or kills humans. 

He finds it unfair that thousands of sharks are killed by humans every year, but only 30 humans are killed by sharks. 

So, on his visit to New Zealand, he got to know that a shark killed a guy. 

He was so happy to listen to it that he arranged a party dressing ladies as sharks and got a lap dance from them. 

The media captured everything, and looking at his clips, the country's citizens went crazy and angry. 

He was threatened on social media by many people. Someone even leaked the address and number of his parents. 

He then had to change his parent’s number. He also called the local police to guard his house and told everything that happened and everything he did.

Owning A Show Is Not Fun

Anthony revealed in an interview that doing shows was fun, but owing the show to himself was not fun; it was pressure. 

Anthony was happy at the beginning as he was having his show. 

He was excited because he got to do everything he wanted, and everything was according to his command. 

He could do everything without staying inside rules and regulations; more specifically, he could say anything offensive. 

But he revealed that he felt bored after he knew he had to shoot nine more episodes to end the season regularly. 

He said it was not fun as he was pressured to write and present regularly. 

He said that it would have been fun if he could come anytime and go anytime.

Anthony Wanted To Surprise His Father

Anthony revealed in an interview that he would take his father to Pittsburgh Pirates to throw the pitch, and he would catch it. 

He revealed that he didn’t remember if he wished or didn’t wish his father on Father’s Day, but he did plan this surprise for his father for his 70th birthday. 

Anthony said that he wanted to surprise his father but was scared that his father would go into shock because of the surprise. 

Hence, he told his father about it. He realized he had given out the surprise quite early as his father might practice and break his shoulder. 

But still, his father was happy about the planning. 

Anthony was also planning to make his father run around the stadium, but because of his age, it was not possible.

Sumner Redstone Says Anthony To Be More Offensive

Anthony has been the face of offensive comedy, and people often ask him to be less offensive. 

In one of the interviews, he was asked if he had been asked to be less offensive by the network, and then he revealed that the leading man of the network, Sumner Redstone, instead asked him to be more offensive. 

He revealed that Sumner wanted him to joke about 911 and more offensive topics. Anthony even called Sumner an offensive guy than he is. 

Anthony was even sent many jokes by Sumner himself, which were very offensive and was told to present them.

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