Who Is Anthony Martin? Father Of Chris Martin

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Who Is Anthony Martin? Father Of Chris Martin

Anthony Martin is the father of an English singer, songwriter, and musician Christopher Anthony John Martin, better known as Chris Martin

Anthony worked as an accountant.

Anthony Martin's son Chris Martin.
Anthony Martin's son Chris Martin. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Anthony is married to Alison Martin. Alison was born on December 16, 1957.

The marriage date of this couple is not available. Together they have five children. 

Richard, Nicola, Alex, Rosie Houston- Martin, and Chris are five children of them.

Chris is widely famous for being an English Singer, Songwriter, and Musician Christopher.

Some of the websites describe that Anthony and Alison had divorced in 2011.

Anthony Martin's five children.
Anthony Martin's five children. Source: Pinterest


He was born in 1942. So, his current age is 80 years old.

Net Worth 

Anthony worked as an official accountant for a very long. 

He established a caravan business which has made a history of selling $250000 astonishing. 

Being an accountant, he earns up to $97,530 each year.

Besides this, his son also has a good net worth of $125 million. 

Anthony Martin with his son Chris Martin.
Anthony Martin with his son Chris Martin. Source: Pinterest

Why Does Chris Wear Filtered Earplugs?

This was the secret before until Chris revealed that he had a Tinnitus which is the perception of sound when no corresponding external sound is present or is hearing sound when no external sound is present. 

He suffered from this disease since his early adult age. 

He noticed these symptoms when he was a teen while listening to loud music. 

To prevent the ear from loud music, he wears specially filtered Earplugs. Also, he suggests that everyone wear ear protection pugs while listening to loud music and attending concerts. 

Also, using herbs like Ginkgo Biloba helps prevent the ear from such disease.

Is Chris Martin-Gay?

The answer is always no because he has been married and involved in many relationships. 

It was heard that Chris was in a relationship with Live events producer Lily Sobhani during the release of Parachutes album. 

However, he married Gwyneth Paltrow on December 5, 2003. 

It was a completely secret marriage held in the presence of Martin's family and friends only. 

Together they share two babies. They have first baby girl Apple in May 2004 in London.

Martin released a song in the name of "the Nappies" titled "I am your baby's daddy." 

In April 2006, he became the father of two children. Moses is his second child. 

After ten years of staying together, Martin announced his separation from Paltrow in March 2014. 

They officially divorced on July 14, 2016. 

After the separation announcement, he seems with Annabelle Wallis. 

In October 2017, Martin began dating actress Dakota Johnson.

Chris Martin with his girlfriend Dakota Johnson.
Chris Martin with his girlfriend, Dakota Johnson. Source: E! Online

Cold Play Singer Chris Collaborating With BTS

Collaborating with BTS was unexpected for Chris. He never thinks he would match with BTS. 

It was a complete surprise for him. 

However, they together hit a song. It was a new song for his band. 

The song was titled "My Universe" in the Album Music of the Spheres. It was released in 2021. 

It is debuted atop the billboard hot 100. 

It became second number one for British to back 100 billboards and sixth for Korean.  

Similarly, it hit Youtube with 196 million views, and 8.2 million gave likes to this video. 

This experience teaches Chris to keep an open mind, and music can give many opportunities. 

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