Who Is Anya Longwell? Ex-Wife Of Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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Who Is Anya Longwell? Ex-Wife Of Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Anya Longwell is the ex-wife of American TV and movie actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Anya herself is an actress and model. She is well known for her appearance in the movies Shame and Wasted in Babylon

She was born in the year 1964 and has her birthday on November 30. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Married Life Of Anya 

Anya was married to her ex-husband, Jeffery Dean Morgan, previously. 

They tied the knot back in 1992 and had a decade-long relationship. 

Sadly, their marriage didn’t work out, as they ended up getting divorced in 2003

Anya Longwell with her ex-husband, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
Anya Longwell with her ex-husband, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Source: Pinterest

Anya’s Ex-Husband Move On

After Anya’s marriage with Jeffrey ended, he moved on with another woman. 

Jeffery met his now spouse, Hilary Burton, back in 2009. He was set up on a blind date with Hilary by their mutual friend. 

They liked each other, and shortly after hitting off together, they started dating. 

Jeff shares two children named Augustus and George. They dated for a long time and happily tied the knot in 2019.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan with his current wife.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan with his current wife. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Anya is 58 years old. She has a net worth of $1 Million. Her source of income is modeling. 

Anya As A Cat Lover 

Anya seems quite active on her social media. 

She often shares posts on her Instagram account, and looking at her Instagram, it seems Anya loves cats. 

She has opened an Instagram account for her pet cat named @bobbytheblackrescue and posts many pictures of her black cat on that account. 

She has a dog and another cat and has shared pictures with them on her Instagram

Anya loves calling the adoptive mom of the black cat that she rescued and has posted a picture with the cat using a cat filter.

Anya’s Tips For Basic Makeup

Anya shared her introductory makeup look video on her YouTube channel in 2020

She showed how she does her natural-looking makeup, and for that, she started with concealer. 

Anya said she used a concealer as the first step of makeup to cover dark spots, discoloration, and redness in some areas of her face. 

So she uses concealer to hide those and only in the areas where she has those concerns. 

After that, she used minimal foundation and dabbed it all over her face. 

She applied it to her neck and chin area so that her neck color didn’t look different from her face. 

After that, she set her makeup with powder and used a blush around her cheek. 

Lastly, she used natural lipstick and finished her everyday makeup look.

Anya’s Ex-Husband Got Sensual Request

Anya’s ex-husband, Jeffery, is well known for playing the role of Negan in The Walking Dead

Jeffery’s character, Negan, is dominant, honest, and attractive. 

The Walking Dead fans love Jeffery as Negan and find him very sensual because of his character. 

Jeffery opened up that he often gets bizarre sensual requests from his fans and talked about the one desirable request, which was strange. 

He was asked to use a Lucille and make them Popsicle. 

At first, Jeffery didn’t understand what the fan told him, so he got confused and took time to think about it. 

But when he realized what it meant, he was amazed and found it weirdly passionate. 

He said he does fan events where he gets to autograph his fans and take pictures, and they sneak notes to him writing their sensual desire. 

Jeffrey Pranked His Kid

Jeffrey shares two children, a son and a daughter, with his now wife. 

He has a great relationship with his kids, and he enjoys pranking his kids. 

He shared one of the pranks he did to his son when he was nine

He said he had returned from a European trip and had a European coin. 

His son Augustus wanted that coin, but Jeffery agreed to give it to him only if he could complete the task assigned to him. 

He kept a funnel inside his son's pants and kept the coin on his forehead.  

His son was having fun and playing it all along, but then Jeffery told his son to drop the coin inside the funnel by closing his eyes. 

His son closed his eyes, and at the same time, Jeffery poured water inside his pants through the funnel. 

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