Arlo Day Brody- Shocking Claims About Leighton Meester Daughter

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Arlo Day Brody- Shocking Claims About Leighton Meester Daughter

Arlo Day Brody is the daughter of American actress, singer, and model Leighton Meester

Her father’s name is Adam Brody. Her dad is an actor, writer, musician, and producer by profession. 

She is an American citizen. She has one younger brother who was born in 2020.

Her grandparents are Douglas Meester and Constance Lynn Meester.

Arlo Day Brody with her parents'
Arlo Day Brody with her parents' Source: Daily Mail

Parent's Married Life

Leighton is currently married to Adam Brody. The couple happily tied the knot in 2015

They had their wedding ceremony held privately. 

Before marrying in 2015, the couple started dating in 2013, and after dating for a short time, they got engaged. 

They met for the first time on the set of The Oranges.

Leighton gave birth to her first child, daughter Arlo in 2015, and currently, they are living a happy life together. 

Arlo Day Brody parents' Leighton Meester and Adam Brody
Arlo Day Brody's's parents' Leighton Meester and Adam Brody Source: Instagram

Leighton Co-Star Fell In Love With Her 

Many years back, Leighton's character was played in Gossip Girl. Her appearance in Gossip Girl made her famous, and she is still remembered for her role play in that show. 

While doing that show, she had on-screen chemistry with an actor named Ed Westwick

The audience loved their on-screen love affair, and it was so good that many people thought they were dating in real life too. 

In the interview with Jessica Szohr's podcast, Leighton's co-star Ed opened up that he had a great time working with Leighton, and they had a very strong bond. 

They laughed a lot, and he always felt protective toward Leighton. Other co-stars of Gossip Girl also said that the chemistry between Leighton and Ed took the whole show to another level. 

They were completely different when they joined the show, but their chemistry was beyond anyone's expectations. 

In one of the interviews, Leighton also said that she and Ed had a great relationship, but they were only linked with each other through their profession, and nothing extra happened between them off-screen. 

She had a great time working with him and said that Ed is a great guy. 

Before, Ed said that he was not in love with Leighton, but later, in a 2012 interview, he revealed that he was in love with Leighton and it was completely okay for him that Leighton didn't love him back, he said his love was enough, and he thinks Leighton is excellent. 

But later, Leighton found her true love in Adam. Ed spoke about their marriage, said he was happy that Leighton found someone, and congratulated her through a text message. 

Leighton Is Bad At Forgiving 

Leighton gave an interview to "Still Watching Netflix" where she talked about love, regrets, dropping out, and many more. 

She started the interview by talking about her first impression and said that it's never good and all because of her past relationship and friendships. 

She had toxic people in her life and, at that time, thought they were good, and she got what she deserved. 

That was not good at all, but slowly when she grew up, she realized that she needed some up who was better and made her feel safe and healthy when she was around them. 

After that, Leighton talked about her relationship with forgiveness, she doesn’t go along with forgiveness, and because of that, she is having a hard time. 

The reason behind her not being able to forgive quickly is she can’t forget. She always remembers what someone told her precisely at what time, and she is awful at forgiving. 

Leighton was then questioned about what love means to her. She said that whenever the love sort of thing comes, her kids come into her, and love should be unconditional. 

But sometimes, she does frustrate thinking that she has to love them and has no option left except to do that, but she has no regrets about the love she gave to someone. 

She shared that when she became a mom, she thought that she would not stop hanging around with her friends but ultimately, it stopped. 

She said her friends are very supportive, and being around them positively impacts her, so she loves spending time with them. 

She became the best version of herself. Leighton said in the interview that she has nothing to regret in her life. 

She has some quick regrets in her life but not long-term regrets. She is a dropout and moved to New York when she was 20.

She read books because she felt that dropping out had left her with no education.

Leighton Has A Tattoo

In the Women’s Health interview, Leighton talked about tattoos, piercing mental health, her body, and many other things. 

She started the interview by talking about her body. Leighton said that her butt is her favorite body part. 

She doesn’t know why but likes her a lot. After that, she opened up about having tattoos on her body. 

She had a flower tattoo and was 20 years old when she got it. She slowly didn’t like it, and for over two years, she went through the process of removing it. 

She shared that removing a tattoo is very long, slow, and painful. She told people not to get tattoos before they are sure about it. 

Her flower tattoo is still there because she left the process as it was painful. 

Leighton is now a mom of two children, and after giving birth to her second kid, her body has changed a lot. 

She now has many stretch marks on her body, and she thinks that it's now permanent on her body. Her belly area is covered with stretch marks, but she has no problem with it.

Leighton also revealed that she had done belly piercing and ear piercing back then but then quickly took it out as it was becoming hard to maintain. 

She often spends her time on camera, and her ear piercing was seen, so she was often asked to remove it and just take it out. 

Leighton is very concerned about herself, so she is much into self-care. She loves keeping her hair conditioned and putting in oils. 

Also, she loves maintaining her skin, and for that, she consistently gets facials, but during covid, she didn’t get facials which made her break out. 

She never misses cleansing her face and moisturizing it. She also uses SPF on her whole body to protect her body from the sun.

Leighton's Mother Was Behind Her Dark Past Days? 

Leighton and her mom had a very estranged relationship with each other. Her mom was a drug smuggler who was taken into custody when Leighton was young. 

Because of that, she was taken care of by her grandmom when her mother was in jail. Not only her mom, Leighton's dad, granddad, and even her aunt were partnered with her mom on drug smuggling. 

Her aunt was the first woman who got listed as U.S. Marshal's most wanted woman after she escaped from jail. 

Leighton's mom has never been supportive of her instead she created a lot of problems for her. 

In 2011, Leighton paid her mom monthly $7500 to support her brother Lex but later Leighton found out that her mom used all her money on plastic surgery, botox, and hair extensions instead of spending it on her brother. 

After she learned about it, she stopped sending money to her mom but her mom threatened Leighton saying she will file a case against her if she doesn't pay her money. 

Her mom told that she and Leighton had an oral control of $10,000 per month and if Leighton denies paying her money then she will file a case against her. 

This time Leighton didn't fall for her mom's threat and in 2012 it was clear that there was no such contract in existence. 

Her brother Lex was having health issues and as she learned the truth about her mom, Leighton fought for her brother’s custody, however, her brother denied moving in with Leighton

Leighton's mom constantly created problems for her accusing that she was physically attacked by Leighton back in 2010

Leighton and her mom had an argument and her mom claimed that Leighton hit her with a bottle. For that reason, her mom pledged $3 Million to the countersuit.


Arlo is currently six years old and has her birthday on August 4.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Leighton is $16 Million. She earns her income as an actress, singer, and model.

Arlo Day Brody with her mother Leighton Meester  Source: Just Jared

A Strange Feeling Of Success

In an interview, Leighton opened up about her journey from nothing to becoming a successful actress. 

She said that she was living a normal life before starting her acting career. 

But after she started working in the acting industry, everything changed. 

People started noticing her and started giving her importance. 

She felt kind of weird when all those things started happening. People who didn’t know her started giving attention to her, which was a very strange thing for her at the beginning. 

She was just 20 years old when she started getting success. 

She got surrounded by people, and she is also happy about it as she likes being surrounded by positive people.

Husband Thought Leighton Was Not Good

Leighton and her husband Adam have always been private about their personal life, but in an interview, her husband opened up about how everything started. 

He revealed that he met Leighton on the set of Gossip Girls.

He was about to leave the set as his show was closing, but the producer introduced them to each other. 

After that, they got a chance to work on a movie together named The Oranges

He worked in that movie with her, and he started liking her. 

He thought Leighton was attractive, but then he thought she wasn’t a good person. 

He was dating someone else at that time, so he didn’t think of making a move. 

But after some time, they started dating and got married. 

Adam then opened up about Leighton, saying she is the most amazing person he had ever met in his life, and he is happy to have her in his life. 

Leighton Was Born In Prison

Leighton opened up about her parents being in prison at her birth. 

She was born to Douglas Meester and Constance Lynn Meester.

Her mom and dad got arrested in a drug case, which ended up Leighton's childhood in prison.  

But she doesn’t care about how and where she came from. She is now very successful and living her life well. 

She told that everything got okay later, her father started working in an Internet Company, and her mom is also a writer. 

She opened up that her mom and dad had a very hard time in their past, and they had sacrificed a lot for their children and did as much as they could so their kids could have whatever they wanted. 

For Leighton, she doesn’t care about where she came from. The thing that matters to her is where she is now. 

Was Unable To Afford Needs (Tragedy)

Her mother was born while her mom was charged with drug smuggling and her mom had to spend 16 months in jail with her. 

After being released from prison, Leighton and her mom lived in Florida

Leighton started her modeling career when she was ten years old, and by the time she was 14, she and her mom moved to a New York apartment, but things were not easy for them. 

Her mom and Leighton had a financial crisis. 

The money that she got from her modeling gigs was not enough, and she got worried because she and her mom didn’t have cash for food and gas. 

She also missed prom as she didn’t have money to buy tickets. 

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