Who Is Asaad Amin? Son Of Muhammad Ali

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Who Is Asaad Amin? Son Of Muhammad Ali

Asaad Amin is a celebrity son. He is the adopted son of Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali is a very respected former professional Boxer and activist

Besides being the youngest son of Muhammad, he is also a baseball player.

Asaad Amin with his father, Muhammad Ali.
Asaad Amin with his father, Muhammad Ali. Source: Instagram

Love life

Assad fell in love with his beloved wife, Rachel Ali, many years ago. The two were college students when they first got to know each other. 

Their love started at the University of Louisville. They started dating and know each other. 

Before changing their relationship into girlfriend and boyfriend, they were perfect friends. 

Assad often referred to his partner as his best friend on his Instagram profile. 

After dating for a few years, the couple decided to get married. They got married in their twenties. 

Assad decided on forever with the love of his life, tied the knot, and exchanged vows on the 29th of December, 2018.

The bride wore a beautiful white gown with a low bun, whereas the groom was flaunting his red suit with a white shirt, black pants, and a black tie.

The couple will soon complete their fifth marriage anniversary and more than five years of togetherness. 

They have always got each other's back. His wife, Rachel, is a very supportive woman. She always supported her husband in all his ups and downs. 

Asaad Amin with his wife.
Asaad Amin with his wife. Source: Instagram

Do They Have Kids?

Yes, The couple shares two kids. 

It was revealed through Assad's Instagram post on the day of his birthday that he will become a dad, and there is a baby girl in his wife's womb. 

After getting married to his best friend and girlfriend, Rachel, for almost two years, they revealed they were pregnant. 

The couple welcomed their beautiful baby girl on the 5th of September 2020. They named their girl Zoey

After another two years, the couple revealed they would have their baby number two in October. They welcomed their second baby in October 2022.

Asaad Amin with his daughter.
Asaad Amin with his daughter. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

Asaad is 28 years old. He was born on the 17th of January 1995 in Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America

He was born after a decade after his father, Muhammed, last stepped into a ring.  

His zodiac sign is Capricorn. He is a very calm and composed person. He is 6 feet 3 inches tall.

Asaad's net worth is around 7 million dollars. His primary source of income is baseball. He started playing baseball at a young age. 

He Was Very Close To His Dad

Asaad respected and loved his dad more than anything else. 

He knew he was his superhero, a guardian who showed him the right path. 

He says whatever he is today is because of his dad, and he will always be grateful to him for that. 

When Muhammad passed away in 2016, Asaad was very emotional and shared his thoughts on his Instagram for his dad, saying that though he left this earth, his guidance and love will be imprinted on his soul. 

Larry Was Sad After WinningAgainst Muhammed

Muhammed was one of the perfect boxers of his time. But his career ended because he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease

Though he had the disease, it could be seen in his body movement and speech, but no one knew. 

This happened because it was diagnosed only after three years of his retirement.

He came back after two years of leave. His first match was with Larry Homes

He was very confident during that time but ended up being unlucky. 

He was poorly defeated that ever Larry felt terrible about the situation. 

Muhhamed retired from his boxing career after a record of 56 wins and only five losses. He is considered one of the greatest players in the history of boxing.

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