Who Is Ashlee Petersen? Ex-Wife Of Jason Priestley

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Who Is Ashlee Petersen? Ex-Wife Of Jason Priestley

Ashlee Peterson is a makeup artist mainly recognized as a former spouse of Canadian actor and television director Jason Priestley

She was born in Ukiah, a small town in Northern California

Marriage And Children

Peterson and Priestley first met on the set of Beverly Hills, 90210. They got married on the 2nd of February 1999

However, their marriage didn't last long as they divorced after 11 months of marriage on the 2nd of January, 2000.

Jason Priestley with her ex-husband, Jason Priestley.
Jason Priestley with her ex-husband, Jason Priestley. Source: Pinterest

Emmy-Winning Makeup Artist

Peterson's father was a lawyer and felt the only way to succeed was to get a good college degree and become a lawyer or a doctor.  

She then went on to live with her mother in Los Angeles and went to school. 

It was there when she got exposed to the arts. She eventually developed herself as an artist. She has been in the makeup business for over two decades.

Peterson says many remarkable things have happened to her as an artist. 

She won an Emmy for outstanding makeup for a miniseries for Stephen King's The Shining

Recalling the time when she won her first Emmy during an interview, she said she took her father as her date because he still, at that time, could not understand the importance of makeup and its business.

Only getting nominated was overwhelming to her. 

She was not expecting to win, and she just had given birth to her baby, so a lot of things were going on with her physical body that was inconvenient. 

So, when her name was announced as a winner, she was utterly stunned. 

Her father told her she had just won and needed to get onstage.

Age and Net Worth

Ashlee was born in 1969, and her current age is 54. However, as a makeup artist, she has earned a lot of net worth.

Her Ex-Husband's Current Wife Is Also A Makeup Artist

Her ex-husband is married to Naomi Lowde-Priestley, a make-up artist. They have been married since May 2005

Naomi first met her husband Priestley in 2000 in London while waiting at a crosswalk. 

She had recently graduated from the University with a degree in fine arts and was working for a new media agency. 

When Priestley was done with his job in England, she moved back to New York along with him and eventually moved to Vancouver, Calgary, Indianapolis, Toronto, and L.A

She then enrolled in the College of Makeup Art in Toronto

She graduated six months later and worked in three movies in the same year.

The couple shared two children, a daughter Ava Veronica born in 2007 and a son Dashiell Orson in 2009.

Family of Jason Priestley.
Family of Jason Priestley.  Source: Instagram

Priestley Near Death Experience

Jason was 21 when he landed the breakthrough role as Brandon Walsh on the hit series Beverly Hills 90210.  

He left the series in the ninth season. He also directed 15 episodes of the show. 

The show lasted for another year. Priestly expressed his regret for leaving the show in his memoir in 2014

During an interview with Larry King, when asked why he left the show, he said that he felt he had done everything that there was for Brandon and that his role as Brandon had worn out. 

He couldn't see a reason for Brandon to stick around the show. 

During the same interview, he also shared his near-death experience. 

He used to race cars and went through a fatal car crash in 2002 that almost ended his life. 

He said his car smashed into a wall at 187 mph at the Kentucky Speedway. 

He recalled being unconscious and bleeding severely after his seat belt cut through the racing suit and his carotid arteries. 

His nose was ripped off, and his orbital bone, cheekbone, and ocular mantle were all broken. 

The doctor had to take his eyeball out and rebuild his ocular mantle. Unfortunately, he broke his back and was hospitalized for three months.

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