Who Is Ashleigh Behan? Girlfriend Of Kalvin Phillips

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Who Is Ashleigh Behan? Girlfriend Of Kalvin Phillips

Ashleigh Behan is an English make-up artist.

She is famous for being the girlfriend of Leeds United and England national team midfielder Kalvin Phillips.

She was born in Leeds, England, on May 30, 1996. She was always passionate about fashion and make-up from an early age. 

Due to this reason, she started her own business in this field. Even her parents helped her financially to pursue her dreams.

Ashleigh Behan and Kalvin Phillips.
Ashleigh Behan and Kalvin Phillips. Source: Instagram

About Her Relationship

Ashleigh is not married yet. However, she is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, Kalvin. The duo has been together since their childhood.

Since they knew each other from their earlier days, they started developing feelings for each other and eventually began dating in 2013.

And since then, nothing has separated them to date. They are so much in love with each other and have been living happily.

Ashleigh Behan with her boyfriend, Kalvin Phillips.
Ashleigh Behan with her boyfriend, Kalvin Phillips. Source: Instagram


Ashleigh is currently 26 years old. She is 1.62m tall.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Ashleigh is $1 million to $5 million. Her net worth and earnings come mostly from her makeup artist profession.

Why Does Ashleigh Cries In A Public Place?

Ashleigh becomes extremely emotional and bursts into tears at a supermarket when she hears the news about her boyfriend. 

Ashleigh cries out of happiness after she hears that Kalvin has been selected for the England team. Her tears were tears of happiness.

She felt extremely proud of him and even screamed in her joy that the people around her thought she was suffering from some kind of mental illness.

Playing Strategy Of Kalvin

Kalvin is one of the finest players on the England team. His playing skills and strategy that he follows differentiate him from the other players.

His key points while playing the games are building from the back, retaining possession, and finding space between the lines.

While on the field, a triangle is formed by the players so that Kalvin can have more passing options.

Then the other players rotate horizontally, and the other player moving from out to in helps the ball to move to the one player, which attracts many of the players of the opponent teams, usually on the left side.

Kalvin positions himself in such a way as to move the ball fastly by taking the pass.

Although in this position, Kalvin creates the threat of passing the ball through the right side by the opponent team, Kalvin cleverly covers the space and prevents the opponent team's goal.

Kalvin is good at tackling the situation created on the ground, which makes him one of the best players.

Who Did Kalvin Adore?

There is always an inspiration behind a successful and best player. There is always somebody who inspires them to become what they are today.

During childhood, Kalvin also had an idol who inspired him to be a player. Lebron James was his idol when he was a child.

He was quite fond of basketball at that time.

Kalvin's Lesser Known Facts

Kalvin is one of the best football players. His performance in Leeds brought drastic changes.

Kalvin assisted in bringing back the Leeds to the Premiere after 16 years.

But before being where he is today, he had to go through many life hardships.

For every person, childhood memory is the most adorable and memorable part of their life since it is the phase most people enjoy and rarely have any difficulties. 

However, it was the inverse for Kalvin. His childhood was full of struggles. He was born to an Irish mother and Jamaican father on December 5, 1995

He was born a triplet. However, his sister could not survive.

His dad was imprisoned because of some misdeed, so he could not get fatherly love.

He was raised by his mother, along with his siblings. His mother worked hard for him as well as his siblings.

They were financially very weak, and sometimes his mother sacrificed her meals to provide them with the food.

He was attracted to football since childhood and spent most of his time playing football. Leeds United was his dream which came true.

His teacher did not believe in him and asked him to concentrate on his studies rather than playing football. 

But his mother always believed him and motivated him to follow his passion.

He chose Leeds United over multiple offers. He was approached by many other premier league teams like Aston Villa and Liverpool with a good salary, but he rejected them.

Kalvin went through a lot during his childhood days. 

So, to make sure that other child does not go through such a tough childhood, he loves helping them. 

He helps the sick and needy children and tries his best for them from his side.

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