Ashleigh Evans – Shocking Claims From Jenelle Evans Sister

by Manisha Fri Aug 18 2023 Updated On Thu Mar 14 2024
Ashleigh Evans – Shocking Claims From Jenelle Evans Sister

Ashleigh Evans is the sister of TV personality, reality show star, and social media influencer Jenelle Evans

Her parents are Barbara Evans and Robert Evans. She has two siblings, a sister and a brother named Colin.

Ashleigh has a kid. She is a single mother. She is running a housekeeping business. 

She has a BA in Political science and English. She graduated from pre-law school and got accepted into a pre-nursing school.

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Is Ashleigh jealous of her sister?

Ashleigh and Jenelle are not on good terms with each other. There has been a clash between the sisters since they were teenagers. 

Through her TikTok account, Jenelle said that her sister had cut all ties with her because she was jealous of her. 

She added they didn't share a close bond while growing up, that they had their own friend circle, and both of them were on different paths. 

She said her sister's comments only when something bad happened to her. She said the reason they didn’t get along was that her sister envied her. 

She added she told things about her that were not true. The sisters have been calling out one another since 2012.

Ashleigh called her sister evil while talking with Star Magazine, and Jenelle responded that she was selling stories about her. 

In 2019, Ashleigh said that Jenelle lost custody of her daughter, Ensley and added she would never gain permanent custody of her kids. 

Ashleigh also called her sister trailer trash in a lengthy post on her social media.

Ashleigh Evans with her sister Jenelle Evans and mother
Ashleigh Evans with her sister Jenelle Evans and mother. Source: Instagram


Her sister, Jenelle, is 31 years old. She is 5 feet 1 inch tall. She weighs around 55 kg.

Net worth

Her sister's net worth is estimated to be $30000. She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as a television personality. 

Janelle's son ran away from home

Janella has three kids altogether. She got pregnant with her first baby when she was just 16 years old

Her eldest child is Jace. Her son had gone missing on Tuesday

As per Jenelle's manager, Jace had an argument with his parents, and because of that, he ran away from the house. 

Jenelle said that every teen boy's mom can relate to her as their kid acts in a rebellious way, and most of them had also done something like that when they were kids. 

She shared that Jace had gotten into some trouble at school, so they took his phone away. She said her son was mad because they took his phone. 

She said it was nothing related to her husband. He was found by the Sherrif Department in North Carolina. Jace is safe now.

Ashleigh Evans sister Jenelle Evans with her son Jace
Ashleigh Evans sister Jenelle Evans with her son Jace. Source: Instagram

Married life

Jenelle is married to David Eason. They share a daughter together. They tied the knot in 2017. They started dating each other in 2015.

Jenelle has two kids from her previous relationship. Over the years, Jenelle and David have gone through a lot of ups and downs. 

David killed their family dog, and she lost custody of her two kids because of her husband. 

They parted ways because of that, but they gave a chance to their relationship and reconciled in 2020.

Jenelle talked about how she got into Teen Mom 2

Jenelle said that when she was pregnant, she watched the first episode of 16 and Pregnant. 

She was seven months pregnant at that time, and she wondered if they were looking for some other teen moms, too, so she went to the website to look what shows were available. 

She applied for 16 and Pregnant show. She said she wrote her story and send some pictures and they called her after two days. 

She had a conversation with her mom about the show and they met the producers of the show. 

She did one episode for 16 and Pregnant, and after that, they offered her to join Teen Mom

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