Who Is Ashley Biles Thomas? Sister Of Simone Biles

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Who Is Ashley Biles Thomas? Sister Of Simone Biles

Ashley Biles Thomas is the older sister of Olympic gymnast Simone Biles. She was born in 1990 in Ohio

Her mother is Shanon Biles, and the identity of her father is unknown. She remains far away from the public eye. Harriett Thomas adopted her.

The relationship between the sisters is quite unknown, as they separated when Simone was six years old

However, she supports her sister from behind. She has four siblings, two sisters, and two brothers. 

Ashley Biles Thomas with her biological mom and siblings.
Ashley Biles Thomas with her biological mom and siblings. Source: Pinterest

Arrested In Charge Of Several Offenses In 2021

Ashley was arrested in 2021 before the Tokyo Olympics

She was charged with many offenses like violating probation, driving while under the influence of alcohol, running from the accident scene on the highway, breaking the traffic rules, and so on.

Ashley Biles Thomas's siblings.
Ashley Biles Thomas's siblings. Source: Twitter

Ashley Has A Criminal History 

Ashley was found guilty in a drug trafficking case in 2015. She was arrested in 2014 during a routine traffic stop. 

She was accused of trafficking drugs and possession of drugs. 

She was imprisoned for 90 days at the Delaware Country jail but got bail after a few days. 

However, she was kept on probation for four years. In 2019 Biles was again found involved in an assault. 

She was fined $1000 and was not sentenced to jail. 

In the same year, she was charged with illegal use of drug paraphernalia, but later she was proven innocent.


Ashley Biles is 33 years old.

Net Worth

Her sister Simone's net worth is estimated to be $20 million

Simone Biles with her husband.
Simone Biles with her husband. Source: Instagram

Simone Is Back In The Competition

Simone competed for the last time in Tokyo Olympics in 2021. She took a two-year break from her career to focus on her mental health. 

She won the first competition she participated in after the Tokyo Olympics

She said after the Tokyo Olympics, she has learned a lot and worked on herself, and she still goes to therapy. 

She said she was going to put herself first. 

Simone Talked About Her Comeback

Simone said she has been mentally and physically in a better place than ever. 

She shared she was happy to be back to gymnastics. She was surprised to see the support and love from young girls in the crowd. 

She revealed they have been showering their love and support to her through Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. 

She said it felt nice to be back with people who had faith in her. 

She said he was very nervous about competing after so long, but her fans greatly supported her. 

She added that she is also focusing on her mental health side by side and can focus in the gym. 

Simone Talked About How She Started Training After The Long Break

Simone revealed that she started training in September last year but took a month off in October

She said she was hitting the gym to get back to her shape. She added in November; she was engaged in other stuff. 

She started by playing around in the gym and playing some combinations. 

She said her trainer had planned everything for her, and when she went to the gym, she had to follow some strict set routines. 

She shared her priority was being fit and in shape like before. After New Year, she pushed herself and started training more. 

She said she got busy with her wedding preparation, and because of that, she had to slow down. After the wedding, she went on at full speed. 

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