Who Is Ashley Riley? Sister Of Amber Riley

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Who Is Ashley Riley? Sister Of Amber Riley

Ashley Riley is the sister of singer and actress Amber Riley, who became famous after being cast on the popular show 'Glee.'

She is older than Ashley. She has another sister named Toiya. 

Ashley Riley's sister, Amber Riley.
Ashley Riley's sister, Amber Riley. Source: Instagram

Is Amber Dating Anyone?

Amber is not dating anyone at the moment. Amber broke up with her longtime boyfriend, Desean Black

They were engaged in 2020 and about to get married, but things didn't go as planned, so they called off their engagement in 2022.

The reason behind their split is unknown, but she shared in an interview that their break was amicable. 

She didn’t want to say anything wrong about her past relationship. She wants to have her own space and move on with her life. 

She is more focused on self-love, and all her focus is on her career. 

Amber Riley and her ex-partner.
Amber Riley and her ex-partner. Source: Pinterest


Her sister, Amber, is 36 years old. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall. She weighs around 85 kg.

Net Worth

Her sister, Amber, has a net worth estimated at $2 million

Amber Talked About Winning The Masked Singer 

Amber won the season 8 of The Masked Singer. Her face was revealed she won the show. 

She said that she was very nervous when the host announced the winner. 

She was wearing the Harp costume, which was enormous, and her whole head was covered with the costume. 

She said it was deafening and listened carefully to everything as she didn't want to celebrate without confirming that she had heard her name. 

She added she had a great time being in that show, and winning the show was the cherry on top. 

She shared that she watched the singing show with her mom and her friends during the pandemic. 

Watching the show helped her connect with her loved ones despite being far apart. 

It was on her wish list to be on that show, and she had also heard from another celebrity singer about how fun they had had while they participated in that show. 

So when she was approached for the show, she said yes instantly.

Amber Talked About Her Mental Heath

Amber said that she had consulted a psychologist and had her brain scanned. 

She has now realized that the trauma she has gone through in her past has affected her mental health. 

She said that at that time, she ignored that and just lived with it, but now she realized she was depressed and didn’t know how to deal with it. 

She shared that when she was depressed, she didn't cry or lay on her bed the whole time like other people usually do. 

She said she was demotivated and felt nothing. She said that she has nothing to feel good or bad about. 

She said she felt empty inside. Her friend, who is a therapist, encouraged her to take therapy. 

So, he consulted a psychologist and started her medication. She said the things that helped her were meditation, music, and prayers. 

Amber Discussed About Her Struggle

Amber said that she had gone through a lot of difficulties as a kid. 

She said that the hardship she faced while growing up prepared her to be the person she is today. 

She said it was an arduous journey to make it to Hollywood. 

She said she has experienced what it felt like to be broke and not have enough money to feed herself. 

She said that she is grateful for what she has achieved today and has no fear of anything as her struggle has made her strong enough to deal with hardships. 

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