Who Is Asia Rochon Fuqua? Daughter Of Antoine Fuqua

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Who Is Asia Rochon Fuqua? Daughter Of Antoine Fuqua

Asia Rochon Fuqua is the daughter of Antoine Fuqua, an American film director. Her mom is Lela Rochan, an actress.

She has a brother, Brando Fuqua.

Asia Rochon Fuqua with her father, Antoine Fuqua.
Asia Rochon Fuqua with her father, Antoine Fuqua. Source: Instagram

Antoine Was Seen Kissing Nicole Murphy

Antoine was caught kissing Nicole Murphy during a vacation in Italy. This caused embarrassment to his wife, Lela Rochon

She took a break from social media. Now, she is back and seems to be doing well. 

She posted a picture on Instagram with her wedding ring and captioned it, “God is good’. Several celebrities showed support in the comments.

Lela and Antoine celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in April 2019

Nicole Murphy initially said that the kiss was friendly and not romantic, and later, she apologized for the situation. 

She mentioned that she doesn't support inappropriate interactions with married people. Antoine and Lela never publicly addressed the situation. 

There were also rumors about Antoine having two kids with different women during his two decades of marriage to Lela

He has admitted to having a son named Roman Jimenez with a woman named Ruth Jimenez.

Asia Rochon Fuqua with her mom and brother.
Asia Rochon Fuqua with her mom and brother. Source: Instagram


Asia was born on July 28, 2002. She is 21 years old as of 2023. 

Net Worth

Her father Antoine's net worth is about $60 Million

Antoine On Equaliser 3

Antoine is best known for movies like Training Day and The Magnificent Seven remake. 

He made successful films but is not usually focused on blockbuster movies. He is now working on Equaliser 3, part of a franchise. 

In the past, he directed The Magnificent Seven, where Denzel Washington led a group against a corrupt army. 

Antoine wants to explore that story more. Actual Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto is making a TV version of The Magnificent Seven for Amazon Studios

This movie has a history with sequels and a TV show. The original was based on a Japanese film. The 2016 remake had Denzel Washington and other well-known actors. 

Denzel Washington plays a character named McCall in the Equaliser movies, where he uses his skills to help people and fight criminals. 

In the new movie, McCall goes to Italy to help people dealing with local criminals. 

The series has focused on McCall finding a purpose in dealing with his past and now struggling with the mortality of his actions. 

Even though Denzel is 68 years old, he still performs physically demanding scenes. 

However, he found it more challenging this time. Antoine will be directing a biopic about Michael Jackson starring Michael Jackson’s nephew. 

Antoine Recalls Filming Denzel’s Iconic ‘King Kong’ Scene 

Over 20 years ago, Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke starred in the movie Training Day where Washington’s character, a corrupt cop, famously says King Kong doesn’t have shit on me! In a tense scene. 

Director Antoine, who worked on the film, shared his memory of that moment. 

Washington improvised that line during filming, and Antoine worried about correctly capturing it. 

He focused on ensuring the camera was in the right place because they only had one chance to film it.

Fortunately, the camera was set up correctly, and the improvised line became iconic. This moment is one of the reasons Training Day is still remembered fondly. 

Denzel and Ethan are joined by Eva Mendes, Scott Glenn, and Cliff Curtis. Antoine Fuqua worked in a script by David Ayer, who would later write and direct Suicide Squad. 

The movie received positive reviews, with a 74% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Ethan Hawke was even nominated for an Oscar for his role.

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