Athena Karkanis

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Athena Karkanis

Athena Karkanis is a Canadian TV, film, voice actress. She is well known for her role in Manifest as Grace Stone

She is a Canadian citizen. She is Greek-Egyptian by her descent.  

Relationship Status Of Athena Karkanis 

Athena is currently in a relationship with Josh Dallas. Josh Dallas is a Canadian Journalist. The couple have been dating each other since 2009.

In an interview, Athena, who never speaks about her private life, opened about her partner. 

They both are in love with each other and are not afraid to publicly speak about their relationship. They haven’t talked about how they knew each other. 

As Athena is not active in social media, nobody has seen them together. Athena’s past love life is also under review. 

She doesn’t like to open up about her relationship in public.

Athena Karkanis with her onscreen partner and fake baby
Athena Karkanis with her onscreen partner and fake baby Source: Instagram   

About Athena Karkanis

Athena was born on May 16, 1981. Her birthplace is Alberta, but her parents raised her in Toronto

She had played her first series in 2005. Athena has played in many movies, mostly in horror. 

Her horror movies are Saw IV, The Genetic Opera, Survival of the Dead and The Barrens.

Not only in horror movies, but she also showed her presence in action movies. 

She has earned fame and popularity from her role in the Manifest series in 2018.

She had given her voice in video games as well. 

Age. Height, And Weight 

She is 40 years old. Her height is five feet and seven inches and weight is of 57 kg.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Athena is $1 Million. Her source of income is TV, film and voice actress

The yearly income of a Canadian actress is $218.000 per year.  

Athena Was Not Always Into Acting

Athena may be known for her acting and appreciable performance, but she was not always into it. 

Athena was a political science student. She studied politics and was planning to go into law school after completing her study. 

She got a degree in political science and was on the verge of joining law school. 

She later decided to give acting a chance and join theater school. She learned acting there, and her interest in acting also increased. 

Her perspective changed from what she wanted to be, and she decided to pursue acting as a career. 

After that, she started to appear in movies.

Her Contribution To Video Games

Athena is a famous voice actress and has provided her voice for many movies and animated characters.

Many people don’t know that she has provided voice in many video games and its character. 

She has provided her voice in Star Wars as Jedi Consular. She has also provided her voice in the Old Republic

She is growing as an actress and voice artist and has provided a voice to many shows, movies, and games.

Athena inspired by his onscreen partner

Athena is currently working in the series “Manifest,” one of the top series on Netflix.

Here she is seen with her co-actor John Dallas as on screen partner. Their chemistry seems natural in the series. 

Athena says it is because of John’s commitment and professionalism. John is a positive and inspiring actor, according to Athena

In an Instagram post, Athena said that her onscreen partner inspires her, and he is such a passionate guy and is a pure-hearted fellow. 

She also addressed that John inspires her whole team and executes the scenes very perfectly. 

Athena says she was lucky to work with an actor like John so closely.

Athena Karkanis with her onscreen partner John Dallas
Athena Karkanis with her onscreen partner John Dallas  Source: Instagram

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