Who Is Aubrey Stevens? Son Of Dan Stevens

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Aubrey Stevens is a celebrity child. He is son of Dan Stevens. His father is a well-known actor. His mom is Susie Harriet, a jazz singer.

Aubrey was born in 2012. He has two siblings: an elder sister, Willow Stevens, and a younger sister, Eden.

Aubrey Stevens's father, Dan Stevens.
Aubrey Stevens's father, Dan Stevens. Source: Instagram

Is Father Dan Married?

Dan is happily married to Susie. His wife is a South African Jazz singer and teacher

They met each other in 2006.  

They were performing at different theatres when they first met for the first time. 

After dating for over three years, they exchanged wedding vows in 2009.

Dan said he is fortunate to find his perfect match as Susie also comes from an acting background. 

Her mother was an actress, so she completely understands and respects Dan's work. 

Susie supports her husband and is a very understanding wife. That's the reason why their marriage is successful. 

They have been together for 13 years and are still growing. The couple is the proud parents of their three children. 

The couple does not share much about their personal life, but it is clear that they have a healthy marriage and enjoy their time with their kids despite being busy.

Parents of Aubrey Stevens.
Parents of Aubrey Stevens. Source: Pinterest


Dan is 41 years old. Dan is 6 feet tall. He weighs around 75 kg.

Net worth

Dan's net worth is estimated to be $ 4 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his acting career.

He is best known for playing Matthew Crawley when in Downtown Abbey. He has appeared in many films too. 

Dan Talked About Why He Left Downtown Abbey

Dan was in a period drama named Downtown Abbey. He rose to fame after he got featured as the lead in that show. 

In an interview, Dan opened up about leaving the show. 

He said he did not have a master career plan when leaving Downtown Abbey

He shared that he was actively looking to do various things as anybody would let him do. 

He got an opportunity to play in America. He added he got to show his versatility as an actor

He played a different character. He wanted to try other things rather than stick to the same thing. 

When he moved to America, many doors were opened to him, and he started to explore himself as an actor. 

He got to play a psychopathic military guy, which he had never imagined that he would do such roles.

Dan Revealed The Challenges Of Becoming The Beast For Beauty And The Beast

In an interview, the interviewer asked if his get-up in the film was computer-generated or was created in real life. 

Dan revealed that two different technologies were fused to create his character as a Beast

He revealed that he was puppeting a muscle suit on the set covered in grey Lycra on 10-inch stilts. 

The facial capture was done separately. 

He had to go into a booth every week, and they sprayed his face with UV dots.

Lesser-Known Facts About Dan

Dan was adopted when he was just seven years old. His parents are teachers by profession. 

His birthday falls on October 10. He was raised in Wales in Southeast England

Dan has never tried to find out about his birth parents. Dan admitted that he was a difficult and rebellious child. 

He said he was suspended from school and rebelling against anything as a teenager. 

He got his most significant break in the downtown abbey. 

He lost 20 pounds while filming seasons 1 and 2 of Downtown Abbey because of the comments made by viewers. 

He took his audience's view as positive criticism and started back at the gym. 

He has majored in English literature. Dan has done a lot of voiceover work apart from acting. 

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