Audrey Caroline McGraw

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Audrey Caroline McGraw

Audrey Caroline McGraw is a model who is also good at acting and singing. She is famous for being the youngest daughter of professional American singer and record producer Faith Hill.

On the 6th of December, 2001, Audrey was born in Williamson County, outside Nashville, U.S.

She was born to her mother, Faith Hill, and her father, Tim McGraw

Her father is also an American Country singer, actor, guitarist, and record producer. She is American by her nationality. 

Caroline McGraw with her mother Faith
Caroline McGraw with her mother Faith  Source: Pinterest

More About Audrey Caroline McGraw

She is the youngest daughter of celebrity singer couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. She is currently doing modeling.

She has been taking shots and pictures for designer Tory Burch. She has been seen taking modeling assignments and doing what's best for her. 

Apart from modeling, she is also good at singing and acting. Singing has been in her genes, and just like her parents, she has a very gifted beautiful voice. 

She used to perform cover songs from a young age. She has also performed cover songs in her dad's show in Rogers, Ark.

She has also appeared in music videos. She is active on Instagram with 33.8k followers. She loves doing Yoga.

Family of Audrey Caroline McGraw
Family of Audrey Caroline McGraw    Source: Instagram

Childhood of Caroline McGraw

She was born on the 6th of December, 2001, in Williamson County as the family's youngest daughter. She was born prematurely; that's why she had to be kept in ICU after birth. 

She named it after her mother's name. She has two older sisters named Gracie and Maggie

She is also the granddaughter of one famous basketball player named Frank Edwin McGraw, a renowned pitcher in New York

She graduated from Ensworth School high school, located in Nashville, and moved to L.A. to attend the American Academic of Dramatic Arts.

She also seems to be taking acting, theater, and filmmaking courses. 

Audrey Caroline McGraw's Different Perspective

Audrey Caroline McGraw gave an interview in Behind The Scenes of Tim McGraw's music video 7500 OBO

Although Tim gave voice to the song, the lead character of the music video was his daughter Audrey

The makers of the video said that the song was based on a male character first, but after a lot of planning, it was decided that there would be a lady's story, and it was non-other than Audrey Caroline McGraw

She was working in front of her father for the first time. According to her, Audrey's father, Tim, was constantly watching her act which made her a little nervous. 

But the music video turned out well and was more effective than expected. 

Audrey always wanted to be a part of her dad's music video, and her wish finally came true. 

It was a fun experience for her. In the video, a car was portrayed as one of the important parts of life. 

Audrey expressed that the car was an emotional part of life and that anyone holds a lot of memories with it. 

She loves the car and holds all the past and present memories to move forward. 

Tim was surprised by the wise thought of his daughter and said that he had never thought it that way, and it was a great thing to express as he also considers the car an important part of life. 

On the other side, the shooting of the music video was a great success. People were not at all tired. 

It was a family environment in the set with dad and daughter working together, and it was great teamwork. 

The music video had a kissing scene where Audrey was kissing her lover in the car.

Audrey's father, Tim, watched the scene, and he felt awkward. 

He didn't yell and cut as he knew it was just an act. He also said he would not beat the guy for kissing his daughter. 

But he said that watching Audrey kiss a guy in front of him was difficult for him to watch.

But working together was fun for them. Hence, Audrey and Tim will be working together further, according to Tim McGraw.

Offended By Kissing Scene 

Audrey Caroline McGrew's dad Tim McGrew responded to Audrey's kissing scene in a music video. 

Tim himself is a well-known country singer, and he is a responsible and loveable father when it comes to his children. 

There was the kissing scene of his youngest daughter in his new music video 7500 OBO. As a father, he opened up that he was not ready to watch that scene with his daughter.

It seems like he is not prepared to accept that his girl is grown up. 

His reaction to her daughter kissing a man in that video proved that he is a typical dad when it comes to his daughter. 

He tried to convince himself a lot, saying that it was just a video, but the protective side of him as a father came out, and he did stop. 

He was there to watch his daughter shooting and her co-star getting romantic, and he wanted to shout and ask them to stop. 

That was funny. Tim is married to Faith Hill, and the couple has three beautiful daughters together. 

Tim's wife has shared a picture of their daughter and husband Tim and wrote on the photo that she is incredibly proud of both of them, and she is glad that her little daughter has grown up so big and has started an acting career. 

Tim's new song 7500 OBO was a great hit, and it was also on the number one list on the billboard country chart, which was a great thing. 

Tim also talked about his beautiful wife, and he is grateful that he met her. He said he fell in love every day after getting married for 25 years

He adores his wife, and he once opened an interview saying that he met his wife backstage in Nashville

The very first thing that he noticed in her was her beautiful smile that lit up the whole room.

Tim’s Daughter Is Over Him 

Tim gave an interview on the Jimmy Kimmel show where he talked about his family, his wife’s birthday, and many more.

Tim started the interview by talking about his daughters. He has three daughters, and two of his daughters have moved out and are staying on their own, but his youngest daughter hasn’t graduated, so she is living with him. 

His two daughters are also visiting him, so they all are having fun together. They have been playing games, cooking, watching movies, and having a great time. 

Tim opened up that his youngest daughter was tired of him. She’s been staying with him for a very long time, and she could not move out due to the pandemic. 

Her youngest daughter went on trips with him. As she spent so much time with Tim and listened to his song, she was really over him. 

After that, Tim talked about his wife. Tim has been married to Faith Hill for many years, and his wife’s birthday is coming, so Tim is confused about what gift he should give to his wife. 

Tim and Faith have little money that they will spend on gifts. They decided to spend only $100 on gifts, but Tim always buys gifts over their budget.

Tim said that as his wife gets older, she becomes more beautiful and wiser. In his case, he is becoming dumber. 

Tim then showed a gift that he gave to his wife on Christmas. He said he went to the ceramic shop and bought a ceramic cup for his wife. 

He said he is very artistic and creative, so he showed his creativity and painted the cup. 

Tim and his wife have been together for so many years, so they have difficulty giving each other gifts because they already have many things, and now they don’t get good ideas for gifts.

Net Worth

As of 2021, the net worth of Audrey is not mentioned as she hasn't been professionally linked into any profession, but her mother Faith's current net worth is roughly estimated to be around $165 million, and her source of income is singing and being a record producer.  

Age, Height, and Weight

Audrey's current age is 19 years old. However, her mother Faith is currently 53 years old, born on the 21st of September, 1967, in Ridgeland, Mississippi, U.S

Audrey has a height of five feet and seven inches, and her weight is 55 kilogram.

Relationship Status

Audrey is currently dating her handsome boy named Zach Troost, who is an American model. 

He has an Instagram id named @zachtroost, and he seems himself a music producer, videographer, and photographer. They both are in love, and their careers match perfectly as well.

Her boyfriend has posted a couple photo on his Instagram account. Here is the photo of beautiful couple.

McGraw with her boyfriend Zach Troost
McGraw with her boyfriend Zach Troost  Source: Instagram

Parents Married Life

Her parents Tim and Faith, first met at a Country Radio Seminar Showcase in 1994, a showcase for new artists. 

Her father had a girlfriend at that time. But when he met, he fell for her at first sight, but it wasn't same for Faith as she just had split from her ex-husband of six years named Daniel Hill

After two years of their met they went on the same tour, and after few months they got married. 

They took their wedding vows in 1996. Since then, they have been together and blissfully spending life with their three daughters.

Parents Of Audrey
Parents Of Audrey  Source: Instagram

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