Who Is August Theron? Daughter Of Charlize Theron

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Who Is August Theron? Daughter Of Charlize Theron

August Theron is the daughter of South African-American actress Charlize Theron. She was adopted by Charlize in 2015, and her biological father is not known. 

She has an elder sister named Jackson, who is also adopted. August has completed her 7th birthday. 

She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

August Theron with her mom and sister.
August Theron with her mom and sister. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Charlize

Charlize is not married yet, so she has no husband or partner. 

However, she had dated some well-known personalities. 

In 1995, Charlize was in a relationship with Graig Bierko, and They dated till 1997.

After that, Charlize dated Stuart Townsend in 2001 and was with him for eight years. 

She then dated Sean Penn in 2013, but sadly, their relationship lasted only two years. Charlize is currently single. 

August Theron's mom Charlize Theron.
August Theron's mom, Charlize Theron. Source: Instagram


Charlize is 46 years old. She is 1.77 m tall. 

Net Worth 

Charlize's net worth is $120 million. Her source of income is an actress.

August Theron and her sister.
August Theron and her sister. Source: Instagram

Making Out With Nose 

In the interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Charlize opened up about the worst date she has ever had. 

She recalled her memory and shared a story of a date she went on with a guy in her 20s

The guy she was dating was handsome, and they went on a dinner date, which she enjoyed. 

After that, the guy drove Charlize to her home, and they started kissing in the car. 

As she was about to leave the car, the guy pulled her and told her to make out with his nose. 

She was stunned when she heard about that and started laughing. 

The guy was serious about it, so she kissed him on his nose, but he told her to make out with his nose. 

She cannot forget this until she is told it's her worst date.

Charlize Injured Herself  

In the interview with Ellen, Charlize had a band-aid in her hand. 

She opened up that she got injured while shooting for a movie. 

She had a fight scene where she was fighting with a big man, and that person was wearing an armored vest. While fighting with him, Charlize's thumb finger got stuck in it. 

The man took the opportunity and made a sharp move, which made her thumb finger bend back. 

After that, she got down on her knee, and because of the severe pain, she started crying like a baby girl. 

She said that because of her thumb injury, she had to undergo three surgeries. She tore her painful bone ligament. 

Charlize Met Her Co-Star Naked 

Charlize, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie have starred together in a movie. 

When asked about their first met, Charlize opened up that she met Margot when she was having a photo shoot. 

She was doing a photoshoot for W cover, and none of the dresses fit her, so she was there staying naked. 

Margot was also there, and she thought that Margot had seen her naked and was very embarrassed. 

It was their very first time meeting each other, and Charlize was not able to make eye contact with Margot, thinking that she saw her naked. 

But Margot cleared Charlize's doubts by saying she was fully dressed and didn’t see Charlize naked.

Charlize Wanted To Be A Dancer  

Charlize is a well-known actress in Hollywood, but many people don’t know that being an actress and doing movies is not what Charlize wants to do. 

She opened up that she wanted to be a dancer, and growing up, she had always thought of ballet dance.  

She came to New York with the motive of being a dancer. It was her passion, but sadly, she could not pursue her dance career. 

She was tall and had weights on her knees, which made her unable to be a ballet dancer, and when she was 19 years old, her body didn’t let her dance, so she gave up on it. 

After that, she was unfortunate and had no idea what to do, and her mom told her to do movies. 

That’s how Charlize's acting career started. 

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