Who Is Autumn James Hallisay? Daughter Of Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Autumn James Hallisay is famously known to be a celebrity daughter. She is the beloved and beautiful daughter of Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Her father's name is Brian Hallisay. Both her parents are famous known faces in Hollywood. 

Autumn has two sibling brothers named Atticus James Hallisay and Aidan James Hallisay.

Parents Love Life

Jennifer and her beloved husband Brian came across each other on the set of the NBC series Love Bites.

According to the source, it was not the start of their relationship. 

They started feeling a spark between them after appearing in a lifetime show, The Client List, in 2012.

The couple started dating privately in 2012 and were in a beautiful relationship. 

The love birds officially confirmed their relationship in June 2013 and revealed the news of Jennifer's pregnancy and engagement.

Soon before their first baby was born, Jennifer and Brian decided to get married. 

The couple tied the knot and exchanged vows on the 20th of November, 2013

They celebrated their wedding in a private ceremony, and very close people were only invited.

Parents of Autumn James Hallisay.
Parents of Autumn James Hallisay. Source: Instagram

How Many Children Do The Couple Share?

Autumn is their first child. The couple welcomed her a few days after the marriage in November 2013

After two years of their first child, the couple welcomed their second baby boy Atticus on the 24th of June 2015. He is a 7-year-old kid already. 

Recently the family welcomed the youngest member of the family, Aiden, at the end of 2021

The couple lives happily with the kids; they have been together for almost a decade.

Age and Net Worth

Autumn is a 9-year-old kid. She was born on the 26th of November, 2013, in Los Angles, California, USA

Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. According to the source, she is an energetic, advantageous, and fun-loving kid. 

Her negative traits are that she is Narcissist, blunt, and self-centered. Her mother, Jennifer, is 42 years old.

Autumn's net worth is unknown. On top of that, she is not involved in any Income generating activity. 

But she lives a luxurious life in Los Angles, Califonia, United States, with her parents, Jennifer and Brian, who have a net worth of 27 million dollars

Her parents are artists who have been in the Hollywood industry for decades.

Autumn James Hallisay's mother, Jennifer Love Hewitt. Source: Pinterest

According To Autumn's Mother, She Is A Fan Of Drake

In an interview a few years ago, when Autumn was just nine months old.

Jennifer revealed that her daughter Autumn is a fan of Drake and enjoys listening to his songs. 

Jennifer also revealed that Autumn does salsa with her in her Zumba classes. 

In the same interview, it was revealed why her name was kept, Autumn

According to Jennifer, she and her husband Brian decided on the name Autumn as she came early than expected and was born in the autumn season.

Jennifer Shared That She Is A Fan Of Reality Shows

In an interview with Ellen on The Ellen Show. Jenniffer shared that she is a fan of Reality shows.

She loves watching them. She also said her favorite reality show is "So thinks you can dance." 

Both Ellen and Jennifer are fans of dancing and the show. In the same interview show with Ellen, Jennifer shared that she also loves watching Hills and the animal attack shows.

Besides all these, it was revealed that Jennifer is a fan of Twilight and loves Edward

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