Who Is Ava Sambora? Daughter Of Heather Locklear

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Who Is Ava Sambora? Daughter Of Heather Locklear

Ava Sambora is the daughter of American actress Heather Locklear. She was born in the year 1997 and has her birthday on October 4

She is a model. Her dad’s name is Richie Sambora. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Ava Sambora with her mom, Heather Locklear.
Ava Sambora with her mom, Heather Locklear. Source: Instagram

Who Is Ava Dating? 

Ava is currently dating her boyfriend, Tyler Farrar. She has been with Tyler for a while now. 

Ava hasn’t opened up about when she started dating. However, she posted her first picture with her partner in 2019 through her Instagram

She often shared their images on her social media. In 2022, she posted a picture of them vacationing in San Francisco

Ava Sambora with her boyfriend.
Ava Sambora with her boyfriend. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Ava’s Parents 

Ava’s mom, Heather, and her dad, Richie, married each other in 1994. 

Her parents met in 1994 at a PR trip through their familiar friend.

They dated for a few months and eventually married in the same year. 

They welcomed their daughter Ava three years after their marriage. 

However, their marriage didn’t last long, as they divorced in 2007.

Her parents co-parented her together and remained good friends so that they could raise Ava together. 

Parents of Ava Sambora.
Parents of Ava Sambora. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Ava is 26 years old. She has a net worth of $500,000. Her source of income is modeling. 

Tabloid Makes Ava Laugh

Ava and her parents have always been in the tabloids. 

As Ava‘s parents are very successful, she grew up in the spotlight, and at a very young age, she could handle the news about her family. 

2018, when Ava started her career as a model, there was news of her mother's jealousy of her. 

She and her mom were shocked when they saw the news in the tabloids. It was so not true, and it made both of them laugh. 

She doesn’t understand why people create fake news about her family. 

She said that she and her mom have always been close, and her mom always wanted her to be successful and happy. 

When she was a child, she used to read very mean and untrue things about her parents, and she would feel so bad about it, but it slowly stopped affecting her because she knew how close and happy her family was. 

Ava Made Her Parents Proud 

Ava is known to be the daughter of Heather and Richie Sambora

Her parents raised her with love and care and always supported her. 

Ava is the only daughter of her parents, and even after her parents divorced, her parents stuck together so that both could love her. 

She is very talented and has pursued her career in acting and modeling like her mom. 

In 2022, she got her master's degree from the University of South California, making her parents proud. 

Her mom was so happy and proud and threw a party for her. 

Her mom proudly shared her news on her social media and was joyful for her achievement.

Ava’s Father Left His Band For Her 

Ava’s father, Richie Sambora, was the lead guitarist of the famous band Bon Jovi.

He left the band in 2013, and the reason behind leaving the band was her daughter.

Richie and Ava have always been very close to each other, and in 2013, his daughter needed him as they were having some personal issues. Because of that, he quit the band to give her daughter more time. 

He left the band without regret and feels blessed to have a daughter like Ava

He even drove her to college daily after he quit the band. 

On the other hand, Ava also feels fortunate to have a dad like Richie, who loves and supports her. 

Ava’s Mom Helped Her With Anxiety

Back in the days when Ava was in her college days, she suffered from panic attacks and anxiety

She had a tough time because of that, but thankfully, her mom was there by her side. 

Ava opened up that her mom was the one with whom she dealt with the anxiety and panic attacks. 

Her mom would show up anytime she needed her. She would leave everything to be with her whenever she needed her. 

Her mom consulted her with the doctors and even got her books to manage anxiety. 

She never felt judged by her mom and just stayed there with her, listening to everything she said. 

Her mom made her get through her most challenging days. 

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