Avielle Janelle Hernandez- Tragedy Of Aaron Hernandez Daughter

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Avielle Janelle Hernandez- Tragedy Of Aaron Hernandez Daughter

Avielle Janelle Hernandez is the daughter of the late American football tight end Aaron Hernandez. Her mother's name is Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez. 

She has a half-sister named Giselle from her mom's side. She is an American citizen. 

Avielle Janelle Hernandez with her father, Aaron Hernandez.
Avielle Janelle Hernandez with her father, Aaron Hernandez. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Avielle's Parents 

Avielle's mom Shayanna Jenkins and Aaron never got married to each other. 

Aaron and Shayanna had known each other since their school days. They started dating in 2007, and after five years of dating, they welcomed their first child together in 2012.

They named their daughter Avielle. A month after their baby's birth, Aaron got engaged to Shayanna.

Sadly their engagement didn't last long, as Shayanna left Aaron because he cheated on her. 

According to Shayanna, Aaron got intimate with their daughter’s nanny, and because of that, she left him. She tried to make out things between them but failed. 

Parents of Avielle Janelle Hernandez.
Parents of Avielle Janelle Hernandez. Source: Instagram

About Avielle's Dad Aaron 

Aaron was a former football tight end. He was well known for playing in the National Football League with New England Patriots

His full name was Aaron Josef Hernandez. He was born and raised by his parents in Bristol, Connecticut

Aaron died in 2017 in Leominster, Massachusetts, as he committed suicide.

Age And Net Worth 

Avielle was born in the year 2012 and is currently 10 years old. Her father had a net worth of $50,000 at his death. 

Avielle Janelle Hernandez with her mom, Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez and halfsister.
Avielle Janelle Hernandez with her mom, Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez and halfsister.

Avielle Cased NFL And Patriots

Avielle lost her father as her father Aaron killed himself in jail. 

Aaron hanged himself inside the prison and took his own life. He was arrested initially for the charge of the murder of Odin Lloyd in 2013

Although he was released after just ninety minutes of arrest, he was stated to be in prison by the grand jury for the same murder case. 

He stayed in jail for almost five years until he was found dead. 

After the death of the former football player, his lawyer fought for his innocence, and he was found not guilty. 

He died as an innocent man. But his daughter and wife have filed a case against the Patriots and NFL, who failed to recognize the real criminal. 

Aaron was found with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, and his daughter and wife blamed the Patriots and NFL for Aaron’s condition.

The death of her father was a tragic moment for Avielle.

Avielle’s Father Got Into A Fight

Avielle’s father, Aaron, was just 17 years old when he got into a fight, and he ended up in court. 

He was the bar in Gainesville, Florida. It was in April in the year 2007

The fight was because Aaron drank a couple of drinks in the bar and refused to pay for his drinks. 

He was so angry in the fight that he couldn’t help but punch the guy right in his face. 

This punch damaged the man’s eardrum. As the fight was physical, he was arrested for his actions. 

Finally, he ended up in court, where the case ended with some agreement.

Was Aaron Gay?

Aaron had an affair with his girlfriend for a long time and is the father of a beautiful daughter, but he was not straight at the beginning. 

From what his high school quarterback, Dennis SanSoucie, revealed, Aaron was gay. 

Aaron was not single in high school but dated a guy named Dennis back in the day. 

He revealed that they had a sexual relationship with each other frequently. 

Dennis told about their relationship more openly in one of the Netflix series. Aaron’s lawyer also opened up that Aaron once revealed his sexuality to his mother as well.

Aaron Was Blamed Of Murder

Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado were murdered at 29 and 28, respectively. 

This incident occurred in Boston South End. Both people were in their vehicle when a gun shooter suddenly attacked them. 

Other people were in the vehicle, too, when the gunshot occurred, but they survived. 

Even after their survival, the murderer tried to kill them by adding more gunshots. 

All the blame came on the head of Aaron as he was holding that gun. After a long run of the case, Aaron was finally found not guilty in 2017 but was charged with carrying the gun. 

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