Who Is Ayesha Howard? Ex-Girlfriend Of Lil Baby

by Mela Fri Dec 22 2023 Updated On Sun Dec 24 2023
Who Is Ayesha Howard? Ex-Girlfriend Of Lil Baby

Ayesha Howard is the ex-girlfriend of Lil Baby, an American rapper and singer.

Stunning Ayesha Howard.
Stunning Ayesha Howard. Source: Instagram

Ayesha Expressed Co-Parenting Her And Lil Baby Baby. 

In the podcast episode Dear Future Husband Season 2, Ayesha talked about being a mom and co-parenting with Lil

She sees herself as a mom and an entrepreneur, working hard to support her family. 

Ayesha shared that being a mom brings new lessons every day. 

Co-parenting is not always easy, but it works better when personal feelings are put aside. 

Co-parenting can feel like arguing with a friend when emotions get in the way. 

Ayesha Howard with her son.
Ayesha Howard with her son. Source: Instagram

Ayesha stresses the importance of focusing on what’s best for her child, making co-parenting primarily successful.  

She also talks about the challenging parts of being a mom and a former partner of a famous person. 

She shared how co-parenting can be emotionally tricky. 

She also talked about the challenges of being labeled as a baby mama and just seeing someone else. 

Ayesha explained that she wants to live a quiet and private life because that helps her keep her relationships low-profile to avoid unwanted attention. 

Ayesha knows that her past relationship and being a mom might make some new partners uncomfortable.  

She clarifies that even though she still cares about Lil Baby, she has moved on and doesn’t want to patch things up. 

Ayesha said that they broke up because social media affected Lil’s fame. 


Ayesha will be 37 years old in 2023. And her zodiac sign is Scorpio

Net Worth

As an American rapper and singer, Lil's net worth is about $8 million. 

Lil's Remarkable Childhood To Atlanta Rap Success 

Lil's real name is Dominique. He had a remarkable childhood. 

Even before becoming a rap sensation, he stood out as a quick learner and was helpful at home. 

He amazed his mother by effortlessly mastering in-line skating tricks at a young age. 

He was also a language enthusiast, quoting the Bible before he could read. 

Lil knew about the local Atlanta rap scene when he was a child. 

He surprised his mother by recognizing a song by Kilo Ali and even claimed to have gone to school with him, which amazed everyone.  

His early interest in music and being deeply involved in Atlanta’s culture laid the base for his later success in the music industry. 

Lil is following in the footsteps of successful Atlanta rappers

In a recent interview, he credits his success to Atlanta’s distinctive culture, upbringing, and inspiration from previous achievements. 

He thinks there is something special in Atlanata’s environment that keeps producing great artists repeatedly. 

Ayesha Setting The Record Straight And Dating On Her Terms

Ayesha talked about clearing up misunderstandings about her past. 

She wants to clarify that she was not the Bitter Baby Mama causing drama in her previous relationship. 

She also shared what she values in a partner, highlighting qualities like maturity, trustworthiness, and someone pursuing their purpose. 

She values the fact that money isn’t the primary concern. 

Ayesha is currently dating but doesn’t like using labels for her relationships and prefers to keep them private. 

She explained that she wouldn’t go public with anyone until it was official and severe. 

Her ideal man should be prosperous and financially stable. 

She shared that she is practicing self-control and hasn’t been sexually involved with anyone for four months, enjoying the experience. 

She values that she is being honest and following her own rules without putting a time limit on her relationship journey. 

Ayesha is also known as Little Ms Golden. She is not married yet. Her kid's name is Jason.

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