Who Is Azariah Cartagena? Gorgeous Daughter Of Fat Joe

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Who Is Azariah Cartagena? Gorgeous Daughter Of Fat Joe

Azariah Cartagena is the daughter of rapper Joseph Antonio Cartagena, known by his stage name Fat Joe. Her mom is Lorena Cartagena.

She has two half-siblings. She was born in 2006

Azariah Cartagena with her father, Fat Joe.
Azariah Cartagena with her father, Fat Joe. Source: Instagram

Parent's Married Life

Fat is married to Lorena. They tied the knot in 1995. He and his wife welcomed their firstborn in 2006

Lorena also shows love and affection to her husband through her social media. 

She often shares photos of him and writes sweet things about how amazing he is. 

She even accompanies him in many events and shows.  

She also appeared on one of the episodes of a documentary series with her husband in 2017. 

He has three kids, two from his previous relationship. 

Parents of Azariah Cartagena.
Parents of Azariah Cartagena. Source: Instagram

Why Is Fat Compared With Jada Pinkett Smith?

Jada recently posted a selfie on her Instagram

She became a meme as fans said she looked exactly like Fat

Fans mistook Jada as Joe. Even the Twitter was flooded with memes.


Azariah is 17 years old.

Net Worth

Azariah's net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

Fat Opened Up About Losing Big Pun And His Health

Fat and Big Pun were like brothers. Pun was also a rapper, and he died in 2000. 

He said Pun was and is still everything to him. He added it was hard for him to imagine his life without him. 

He shared he never imagined he would be killed because of the diabetes

He said people die from gun shootings and many other things but never thought that the food they consume would also risk their health. 

Fat was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 14. When he lost his close ones, he got off insulin. 

He said he still lives like before when he had diabetes. 

He said he stays away from rice, sugar, bread, and everything that turns into sugar. He even lost 200 pounds

Drake Gifted Him Socks On His Birthday

Drake played a prank on him on his birthday. 

When he was asked about the reason behind Drake giving him socks, 

He said there was a back story to it as he gave him a watch. 

He said he was in Toronto doing his show and came over. 

Fat Talked About Being Shot

Far shared that once, he was shot by an African American guy. 

He said he knew he had a gun with him, but he never thought that he would shoot. 

He said he was the biggest coward. He said that guy owed him 10 dollars, and they never had a dispute. 

He said he was bullying and picking up on him for his 10 dollars. 

He said when that gut aimed a gun at him, he hit him with a bottle. That guy smiled and said that was what he needed. 

He had a massive cut on his head.

Fat told him what he was doing as they had no such problem with each other. He was on the street at that time. 

Fat Talked About Suge Knight

Suge Knight is the co-founder of Death Row Records. 

He said he never met Suge Knight but heard much about Suge.

He said he met him for the first time at the Vibe Awards. He walked to the event with a cigar in his hand. 

He said everyone was running and terrified with him. 

He shared Suge around the whole thing, and everyone was scared to death. 

He said all of a sudden, he came to him and hugged him. 

He said Suge told him he had been waiting to meet him for a long time. 

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