Who Is Bader Shammas ? Husband Of Lindsay Lohan

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Who Is Bader Shammas ? Husband Of Lindsay Lohan

Bader Shammas is the fiance of American actress, singer, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur and former model Lindsay Lohan. 

Bader is a financier by profession. He was born in UAE. He celebrates his birthday on June 29

He is an Emirati by his nationality.

Bader Shammas's fiance Lindsay Lohan
Bader Shammas's fiance Lindsay Lohan Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

Bader is currently engaged to his girlfriend, Lindsay

The couple got happily engaged to each other in 2021. They have been dating since 2021. 

They are currently living together in Dubai.

According to sources, they are planning for their wedding soon.

Bader Shammas with fiance Lindsay Lohan
Bader Shammas with fiance Lindsay Lohan Source: Instagram

Past Relationship Of His Fiance 

Lindsay was previously in a relationship with Egor Tarabasov, a Russian businessman. They were engaged too.

The couple broke up with each other in 2017

According to her, their engagement broke because her partner was abusive to her. 

But her ex-partner denied all the accusations made by her. 


Lindsay is 35 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth of Bader is $100 Million. He earns as being a businessman.

Lindsay Is An Addict 

In the interview with Ophra, Lindsay opened up about her being an addict. She said that she is addicted to alcohol. 

Back in time, she also got arrested for doing drugs. 

She said that she had done cocaine only two or three times in her life, but she later revealed the truth and said that she did cocaine more than ten times. 

The reason behind lying about cocaine was she was scared of judgment. 

She said that she just snorted cocaine and had never injected anything in her life. 

She said that she became an alcoholic because of her family and the things that she faced while she was young. 

She grew up in a messed-up house, and she had a hard time dealing with that. 

As she came from a chaotic house, she also called herself a chaos addict. 

She had gone to rehab more than six times because of her addiction. 

Had A Fight With Her Mom

Her mom and dad raised Lindsay with her three siblings. 

Her dad got arrested for a fraud case when she was small. 

Her mom was also accused of making Lindsay party when she was underage, and they also blamed her, saying that she was the one who made Lindsay an addict. 

Lindsay then opened up about her and her mom getting into a fight. 

She also called her dad and said that her mom was under the influence of cocaine. 

Her dad recorded her call and made it viral. 

She later revealed that her mom was not under the influence of cocaine, and she lied about that to her father. 

Not only that, but she also told many other things about her mother that were not true. 

She said that she was not in her control and she was angry with her mom, which made her do that. 

She later felt bad for saying things. 

Punched An Woman 

In 2012, Lindsay got arrested for punching a woman. 

It was known that she punched a woman in her face while they were in a club. 

On that day, she was charged for two more cases. She was also charged for a car crash on the same day. 

She got into a car crash, and she lied to the police officer, saying that she was not driving the car. 

But later, it was confirmed that she was the one driving the car. 

She was driving the car very roughly, which got her into a car accident.

Won't Be Cast Anymore By Hollywood 

Lindsay was one of the top actress at one time, but now she is not seen in any series or movie. 

She is not cast in Hollywood anymore. It is because of her own deeds. 

Being an actress, she was never on time while shooting. 

Moreover, she didn't follow any terms and conditions that she was supposed to follow. 

It didn't just stop there. She spent her nights partying and didn't appear on set most of the time. 

When she appeared on set, she made many excuses to leave early. 

She also had problems remembering her dialogue, and she disappeared time and again. 

She was so problematic for the whole cast and crew, along with producers and directors. 

Due to this, she is not signed and cast by any director or producer in Hollywood.

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