Who Is Barbara Nicks? Mother Of Stevie Nicks

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Who Is Barbara Nicks? Mother Of Stevie Nicks

Barbara Nicks is the late mother of American singer, songwriter, and producer Stevie Nicks

She was married to her former husband, Jess Nicks. They had two children, a son, and a daughter. 

She died in 2011 due to pneumonia. She was an American citizen by her nationality. 

About Barbara's Daughter Stevie 

Stevie is a singer, songwriter, and producer. 

She is well known for being a rock legend and being the first woman to get introduced in Rock and Roll: Hall of Fame two times. 

She was born in 1948 and has her birthday on May 26. Her parents raised her with a brother named Christopher.  

Her full name is Stephanie Lynn Nicks

Barbara Nicks with her daughter, Stevie Nicks.
Barbara Nicks with her daughter, Stevie Nicks. Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Stevie 

Stevie is currently unmarried and single. 

She had been married once. It was back in 1983. She got married to Kim Anderson, who was the husband of her best friend, Robin Anderson.

They were married for only three months and, after that, got separated.

Who Has Stevie Dated? 

Stevie had dated many well-known people. In the 1970s, she started dating Lindsay Buckingham

They dated till 1976 and then broke up. She then got into a relationship with Mick Fleetwood in 1977.

Their relationship didn't last long. After that, she briefly dated Don Henley and even got pregnant with his child. 

However, Stevie aborted that child. She also had an affair with Jimmy Lovine and Joe Walsh. 

Barbara Nicks's daughter, Stevie Nicks.
Barbara Nicks's daughter, Stevie Nicks. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her daughter is 75 years old. She has a net worth of $120 Million.

Barbara Raised Her Daughter To Be Independent

Barbara and her daughter Stevie shared a great bond. 

As a mom, Barbara had always supported her daughter Stevie throughout her career. 

She always gave Stevie advice and made sure her daughter turned out to be a strong independent woman. 

Barbara was independent and fearless, so she wanted the same for Stevie

She had rules and was strict with Stevie, and it was all because she wanted Stevie to be independent and be someone who could boss them around. 

Barbara made all the dresses of Stevie when she was in high school, and she kept her daughter very close to her. 

She always talked and taught things about life to Stevie when she was around her, which helped her become who she is now.

Cocaine Nearly Destroyed Stevie 

Stevie talked about her drug accident in one of the interviews. She shared her story of addiction, which nearly destroyed her life. 

It was back in 1976 when she started using cocaine, and as the year passed, her cocaine addiction increased. 

By the year 1979, she was off limits. 

At that time, she and her team were working on tusk records at Village Recorder, and during that time, her addiction was high, and she ended up wasting a lot of money on cocaine. 

She explained that the money spent on cocaine for two weeks was enough to pay her six months’ rent. 

Because of the overuse of cocaine, her nose hole got enlarged, and when she visited the plastic surgeon, he told Stevie that if she took cocaine for more time, it could cause her death as the big hole in her nose could cause brain hemorrhage in her.

Stevie Could Have A Future With Lindsey

Stevie and Lindsay Buckingham were the most adored couple in the 70s.

They were in a band together with Fleetwood Mac and had dated for many years. 

They broke up in 1977, and Stevie was the one who ended things with Lindsay

She and Lindsay agreed to continue working together on the band even after the breakup, as they wanted Fleetwood Mac to go on. 

It was not easy for Lindsay and Stevie to be in the same band after their break up. However, they tried. 

Lindsay blames Fleetwood Mac for their breakup and feels that if they weren't in the band together, they would have a life together, and Stevie also feels the same. 

Stevie also thinks that if she didn't join that band, things would turn out differently with Lindsey

They might have got married and had their own family, but density had different plans for them.

Marrying Best Friend's Husband

Stevie is one of the most talented and successful music artists. She gave everything to become who she is now. 

Her career is the most important thing for her, and for that career, she decided not to marry and have children. 

She thinks it could distract her from becoming the artist she is now. However, she married once in 1983

She married her best friend's husband, Kim Anderson

Her best friend Robin was diagnosed with cancer, and at the same time, she got pregnant. 

After the baby's birth, she died, and three months later, Stevie married Robin's window, Kim

She married him for Robin's baby Mathew, but then she realized it was a big mistake. 

She couldn't stand that marriage because none of them were in love, so after three months, she divorced Kim.

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