Who Is Barry Aldean? Father Of Jason Aldean

by Mela Mon Aug 14 2023 Updated On Fri Dec 08 2023
Who Is Barry Aldean? Father Of Jason Aldean

Barry Aldean is the father of Jason Aldean, who is an American country music singer. He is married to Debbie Aldean.

Barry Aldean's wife and son.
Barry Aldean's wife and son. Source: Instagram

About His Son

Jason is a famous American country music singer. He has been with Broken Bow Records since 2005 and has released ten albums and 0 singles with them. 

One of his albums, ``My Kinda Party '' from 2010, became popular and got certified as quadruple- platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America

Barry Aldean with his son, Jason Aldean.
Barry Aldean with his son, Jason Aldean. Source: Facebook


Barry's son is 46 years old.

Net worth

Jason's net worth is about $43 Million.

Family of Jason Aldean.
Family of Jason Aldean. Source: Instagram

Jason’s Music Video Banned By CMT

CMT decided not to show Jason’s music video, and this choice is causing them issues. 

A poll was done, and most people surveyed disagreed with CMT’s decision. 

They released a video for his song “Try That in a Small Town”  in July 2023, and some people found problems. It hints at racism and scary lyrics, as well as where it was filmed. 

Because of this, CMT took the video off their channel. 

Jason’s fans then started saying they wouldn’t support CMT anymore and compared them to Bud Light, which faced problems after working with a transgender influencer. 

A new poll from Newsweek shows that more than half of the people they asked don’t like CMT’s decision. 

Most of them also disagree with a politician’s reaction to the video, where the politician called it a terrible song promoting racist violence. 

Of the people who knew about the music video, 52 percent didn’t agree with CMT's choice to ban it. 

Only 33 percent agreed with the ban, and 15 percent were unsure or had no opinion. 

When they looked at the people based on who they voted for in the 2020 presidential election, 70 percent of those who voted for Donald Trump didn’t like the ban, while only 24 percent of Joe Biden voters didn’t like it. 

On the other hand, 61 percent of Biden voters were okay with the ban. 

Regarding gender, slightly more women (5 %) were against the band than men (51%). 

Why People Didn’t Like Jason’s Song “Try That In A Small Town”

Jason's song “Try That in a Small Town” was released in May

But it got more attention when the video came out on July 14 as part of his upcoming 11th album. 

In a statement with the video, Aldean explained that the song is about an unspoken rule in small towns: people support and watch out for each other. 

Even though he didn’t write the song, he is known for not writing most of his hit songs. 

Recently, Jason vehemently denied the accusation that his song supports lynching or violence. He said that interpretation is extreme and dangerous. 

He clarified on Twitter that the song isn’t about race. It is about the feeling of community he experienced while growing up. 

He wants everyone to unite regardless of differences and not see more harm caused by senseless actions. 

Gun control supporters don’t like the song because they think it promotes the dangerous idea of getting back at others. 

They say the song talks about hurting people who speak freely. 

Some people think the song’s references to violence are related to race, especially in parts where protests like burning the flag are mentioned. 

They think it is a song promoting bad and racist behavior. Some musicians, like Sheryl Crow and Margo Price, criticized the song. 

But others like Travis Tritt and Blanco Brown feel the criticism isn’t fair. 

People on the political right side have supported the song and the singer Jason

Some possible 2024 Republican presidential candidates like Donald Trump, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have defended Jason.

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