Batsheva Haart

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Batsheva Haart

Batsheva Haart, 27, is a New York-based popular personality on social media

She is known for her fashion and lifestyle content on TikTok

She is stirring the media with her unique fashion tips, tricks, and sneak peek of her American lifestyle.


Batsheva Haart with her family.
Batsheva Haart with her family. Source: Instagram 

Her Mom

Batsheva's mother is Julia Haart, a mogul of the fashion industry in America

She is intelligent, hardworking, and a gorgeous mom cum fashion designer and entrepreneur

Julia Haart currently works as a Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer of Elite World Group, the world's largest network of model management agencies.

Batsheva Haart with her mother, Julia Haart.
Batsheva Haart with her mother, Julia Haart. Source: Instagram


Talking about the siblings of Batsheva, she has two brothers and a sister

Her beautiful sister's name is Miriam Haart, who is 20 years old as of 2020. 

Their youngest brother is Aron Haart, who is in his teens. And Slomo Haart is the elder brother who is in his twenties.

Her husband

Batsheva is happily married to Binyamin Weinstein, also called Ben

He is more than 6 feet tall with handsome features. He has black-brown hair and a muscular build

He also has a great fashion sense and is a fitness enthusiast

Ben is a super supportive spouse who is always the greatest fan of his wife.

Batsheva Haart with her husband, Binyamin Weinstein.
Batsheva Haart with her husband, Binyamin Weinstein. Source: Instagram 

Batsheva Haart and Binyamin Weinstein love story

What do you do when a handsome boy asks for a ride home from work?

Our kind-hearted Batsheva gave Binyamin Weinstein a ride, and happily, ever after, a love story was created. 

Ben and Batsheva started hanging out and became best friends

Ben proposed to Batsheva when she was only nineteen and is now happily married

They have been together as a happy couple for more than nine years. Check out their beautiful pictures:

Batsheva Haart with her husband, Binyamin Weinstein on their eighth anniversary.
Batsheva Haart with her husband, Binyamin Weinstein on their eighth anniversary. Source: Instagram

Her works before being a TikTok star

Well, Batsheva’s career was not an easy journey. She has been through ups and downs too. 

Right after high school, she joined the Culinary Arts school to elevate her passion for cooking into a profession. 

While studying in Culinary school, she worked in a restaurant

The universe had a bigger plan for her, so in later years, her interest grew in cosmetology, and she turned to work at a local salon to learn more about it. 

This transition paved her further path into the world of fashion

Further, She graduated in accessories designs and got a chance to participate in Teen Vogue Summit in L.A., where she was finally introduced to TikTok.

Her works After TikTok

She was impressed by the growing influence of TikTok at the Teen Vogue Summit

So, right after returning from the summit, she created her TikTok account and worked on it.

She intuition helped her to create peculiar contents of lifestyle and fashion, which broke the trend of lip synchronization

Her content inspired and influenced viewers to carry out celebrity fashion easily. 

She consistently posts sharing her beautiful fashion. Who would not love to doll up into appalling human beings? 

She is active on Instagram too. You can find her adorable pictures with excellent fashion sense. 

And she has a very interesting fact related to Instagram. 

If you are interested in her married life, you are welcome to check out her Instagram every Sunday as she has been posting pictures with her husband Ben Weinstein every Sunday for years.

Besides TikTok and Instagram, she is a lifestyle blogger and YouTuber too. 

She has a YouTube channel and blog site under Sunnies and Sangria's name

Furthermore, the hardworking Batsheva also works as a model.

Happiness working with Family 

Batsheva Haart gave an interview to Sweety High. Her sister Miriam Haart was also there with her at the interview. 

They talked about their show and shared their experience working with family. Batsheva and her whole family have been involved in a family show on Netflix named My Unorthodox Life

Her sister Miriam told how her family prioritizes loving each other despite the differences that they have between them.

She is enjoying how she and her family have managed to be so open despite being so religious. 

Batsheva also said that she enjoys working with her family and spending time with them a lot. 

She said that she loves her family's company, and they also go out together. She and her family are doing well on and off-screen. 

She opened up that the motive of their family show is to inspire people and connect with them. 

She wants to show people that they are not alone through her family show. She wants to bring people from different backgrounds together and inspire them. 

Her sister Miriam then shared her experience, saying she was scared while their first season was out. 

But when she got positive feedback from people, she was relieved. Because of that positive feedback, she was very excited for season 2. 

Batsheva and her whole family are grateful that they are getting so much love from the audience in their show. 

Recently Batsheva and her sister have a partnership with an auto trader for the top 12 list of a car in 2022

Batsheva herself is planning to get a new car for her family, so she thinks auto traders are the best to deal with. 

She said that auto traders help people to find the best cars. People can choose virtual tools, and they deliver cars to their door. 

It helps people select the best cars of their choice, so that is why she and her sister partnered with Auto traders.

Net worth

Batsheva Haart's estimated income chart with sources is as follows:

SourcesUsernameEstimated EarningsPer Post

Total Followers 

and Average Likes






Average Likes: 15K

YouTubeSunnies and SangriaNot startedSubscribers: 974



Average likes:7K


She lives with her husband cum best friend, Ben Weinstein

They have a beautiful two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, New York, which is pretty decently furniture. 

She has beautifully used the small space to fit her big closet, full of luxurious bags and clothes

She also modifies her second room into her gym and living room

Being a daughter of a successful fashion designer and a hardworking woman, Batsheva does give herself a retreat once in a while by going on vacations with her family often. 

Her last vacation was to Africa before Covid 19 pandemic outburst.

Age and height

  1. Batsheva was born in the United States of America to an orthodox Jewish family in 1996.
  2. Her family is very religious and abides by the religion.
  3. Her age is 27 as of 2020.
  4. She has short blonde hair.
  5. Her height is above 5 feet.
  6. She weighs around 48 kg.

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