Baylah May Foehner

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Baylah May Foehner

Baylah May Foehner is the daughter of American country music singer Gabby Barrett. Her father's name is Cade Foehner

She is the only child of her parents. She was born in 2021 and is currently 10 months old. She is an American citizen.

Baylah with her mom and dad
Baylah with her mom and dad  Source: Instagarm 

Parents Relationship

Gabby is in a relationship with Cade Foehner. They first met each other on a singing show, American Idol. 

At that time, they both were participants in that show. They knew each other and fell in love. 

They started dating in 2018. A year after dating each other, the couple happily tied the knot. 

Gabby's partner is supportive, and they both appreciate each other's presence in their lives. 

In 2021 they welcomed their first child daughter and named her Baylah May

They have already completed three years of married life and still counting more.

Parents of Baylah May Foehner
Parents of Baylah May Foehner  Source: Instagram 

About Gabby Barrett 

Gabby is an American country music singer born on March 5, 2000.

She was born to Blase and Pam Barrett and was raised with her eight siblings. 

She started singing at a very young age and later pursued a career in music. 

She is the one who participated in the singing competition American Idol and won the third position

She started gaining public attention after her single debut titled I Hope in 2019

Her solo songs got third on Billboard Hot 100, and because of the, she became the first female country singer to achieve that. 

She is one of the talented singers who has earned lots of success. 

Baylah May Foehner with her father
Baylah May Foehner with her father  Source: Instagram 

Gabby Barrett Wrote Song For Her Husband

Gabby Barrett gave an interview to CMT in 2022. She talked about her new song, 'The Good Ones,' her friends and husband. 

She revealed that her song's name was suggested by her team members Emily Landis

She and her team were thinking about their new song and what to write about in her writing room. 

According to Gabby, all of them were throwing up ideas and titles of the song. 

Emily then suggested the title 'The Good Once,' when Gabby was triggered. 

She always described her husband as a good one to her family and friends right from the beginning. 

And by hearing that title, she decided to write a song for her husband. She expressed that it was the first song she wrote for her husband, so it was too special for her.

She said that she was excited to see her husband's reaction. According to Gabby, her husband almost had tears in his eyes, and Gabby was happy about her work.

Also, many people message Gabby and inform her that her new song has been a people's song to walk down on aisles. 

She revealed that she feels unique and proud to hear that. Talking about the song, she described her favorite line of the song, which was the first two lines of the second verse. 

She liked the line because it tells people about how someone's look could be so attractive, and she expressed her love towards that line many times. 

She said that her husband has that look towards her from the beginning till the date. She wanted to show her good one to the world, and hence her husband also appeared on her music video at its end. 

She also thanked the radio channel where the song went into the top chart after its release.

Happiness for being Nominated 

Gabby gave an interview on Extra Tv where she talked about her pregnancy and her CMA awards. 

This interview was taken a year back and at that time Gabby got nominated for the single of years in CMA an award function which was a great thing for her. 

Not only that she was also pregnant at the time so she got a double celebration. 

Gabby expressed her happiness on being nominated for the Award and expressed how much it matters to her and she had waited for it for so long. 

Before that Gabby walked on the red carpet for two years and at that time she wished to be nominated and finally happened and her happiness was beyond the world. 

She opened up that the year went too long for her and she was happy because it was worth it. Gabby talked about her pregnancy and told that she will be welcoming a little princess in January

She had already completed half the journey of her pregnancy and she feel really blessed. As pregnant women get a hard time during their pregnancy period but Gabby didn't have to go through those. 

She didn't get nauseous at all in her starting days of pregnancy and everything went smoothly. Gabby told every people to dream big and work hard on it. She did the same thing. 

Since her childhood, Gabby had always dreamed big and she worked hard on her goals that's why she is a successful person. She will also teach her children to dream big and work hard on it. 

Gabby then opened up about famous singer Charlie Blue who approached her for doing a remix with her song. 

Charlie listened to her song and he got really impressed by it and he texted her asking if they can make a remix together. 

Gabby has always been a fan of Charlie Blue and when she got the text from him she immediately said yes. Many amazing things were happening with Gabby and she was really overwhelmed. 



Baylah's mom Gabby is 21 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Gabby is $1 Million. Her source of income comes as being a country music singer

The average income of a country music singer is $49,920 per year. 

The Label Rejected Baylah May Foehner's Mother

Baylah's mother, Gabby, is a famous singer and songwriter

The world-famous singer has a line of levels waiting for her. But at one time, she was rejected by a label. 

After she ended up in the third position in American Idol, she searched for a label. But unfortunately, the labels didn't sign her in. She got rejected. 

She was singing cover songs until the time, and labels only signed the original singers. 

Hence she worked on her songwriting, and now here she is, one of the world's best singers.

Showrunner Invited Gabby To American Idol

Gabby is one of the winners of American Idol

She held the third position in the competition and now is a world-famous singer and songwriter

Many singers take part in Idol in the hope of being the best singer, but for Gabby, she didn't go to the Idol by planning. 

The showrunners of the Idol knew Gabby. They had listened to her songs, and they thought she should give it a try. 

Hence she was invited to the show. 

Showing a positive response to the invitation, she not only got selected but ended up as the second runner-up in the competition. 

After the end of Idol, her career boosted, and she is on top of her career.

Gabby Wants To Be Like Shania Twain

Gabby is a brilliant singer now, but she used to listen to many singers and learned from them. 

Among them, she was truly inspired by Shania Twain. Shania is a country singer and the best at what she does. 

Gabby always saw her as an idol. She wanted to be like her and experiment the country music like her. 

Gabby still wants to try the genre and work as Shania did.

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