Who Is Belinda Doku? Mother Of Jeremy Doku

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Who Is Belinda Doku? Mother Of Jeremy Doku

Belinda Doku is the mother of Belgian football player Jeremy Doku. She is married to her husband, David Doku

She shares four children, two daughters and two sons. 

She is a Belgian citizen by nationality. 

Belinda Doku with her son and husband.
Belinda Doku with her son and husband. Source: Pinterest

About Belinda’s Son Jeremy 

Jeremy is a professional football player

He is well known for playing in club Manchester United in the position of Winger

He was born in 2002 and has his birthday on 27 May

His parents raised him with three siblings, the eldest brother, and two younger sisters. 

Son Relationship Status

Jeremy is not married yet; neither is he involved in dating. 

He is currently living a single life and entirely focused on his career. 

Jeremy’s dad can’t imagine him having a girlfriend. Jeremy is young and quite career-oriented. 

He hasn’t involved himself in dating till now, and when his dad was asked about Jeremy dating a girl, his dad gave a funny answer. 

He said he couldn’t imagine Jeremy having a girlfriend because he had little time to give her. 

Jeremy spends much of his time playing and training himself in fo

During that time, he prefers to live in the house. 

Jeremy doesn’t like going out too much, so he spends most of his time in his house playing PlayStation

Because of that, even if Jeremy has any girl in life, he will never step out of his house to meet the girl.

Belinda Doku's son Jeremy Doku.
Belinda Doku's son, Jeremy Doku. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

Jeremy is 21 years old. She has a net worth of $1 Million. His source of income is football

Jeremy Easily Blended In

Jeremy joined Manchester United Club in 2023

Getting into such a big club was a massive thing for him, and after he signed the contract with Manchester, he was so excited to play the game. 

He was new to the team, and despite that, he had no problem blending in with his team members. 

His teammates were very welcoming, and the captain of Manchester club, Kevin DE Bruyne, was also excellent to him.

Kevin was injured, so he couldn’t personally meet Jeremy when he got into the team, but Kevin sent him a text message and told Jeremy to feel free to ask any questions about anything with him. 

Also, Kevin told Jeremy that he would be there for him, which made his new journey in the team even more accessible. 

His team members were also supportive and friendly toward him, which made him very comfortable. 

Jeremy Believes In His Skills 

Jeremy is one of the best and most talented football players. 

He started playing football when he was young and now plays for a big team, Manchester United

Jeremy feels fortunate that he got to play for such a big team with an entire team of talented teammates. 

His team already has many talented players, and Jeremy believes his skills can make his team even better and stronger. 

Undoubtedly, the team is far better and has many capable players, but he thinks that with his abilities, he can contribute more to the team. 

He is faster, stronger, and has excellent dribbling technique, and his abilities can benefit the club.

Jeremy Is An Arrogant Player

Jeremy’s football skills are what made him recognized as a good player. 

He is very confident about his skills, making him arrogant. 

Most people know Jeremy’s arrogance, as shown in the matches he has played. 

He enjoys giving a great defeat to his opposite teammates, and his way is unique. 

He beats the other player, waits for him to return, and defeats him again. 

Also, in 2021, Ligue 1 claimed himself as the best dribbler, and to prove his words, he gave his best in the League game, completed 12 dribbles, and broke Neymar’s record. 

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