Who Is Ben J. Pierce Parents And Partner?

by Pragya Tue Jun 27 2023 Updated On Tue Jul 04 2023
Who Is Ben J. Pierce Parents And Partner?

Ben J. Pierce is an American singer, YouTuber, and actor. He is well known for his appearance in Brain Surge, where he is portrayed as himself. 

He is popularly known by his name Miss Benny.

He was born in the year 1999 to his parents and has his birthday on February 19

He grew up with his three siblings. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Stunning Ben J. Pierce.
Stunning Ben J. Pierce. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Ben 

Ben is not married yet. Also, it is unknown if he is dating anyone or not. 

Ben is gay by his sexuality, and he has kept his love life out of the spotlight. So it's unknown if he is single or dating.

Age And Net Worth 

Ben is 24 years old. He has a net worth of $5 Million.

Ben Bullied Himself

Ben is gay, and growing up, it took him a long time to accept him as gay. 

There were times in the past when he got bullied by other people. 

He didn't have to face extreme bullying experiences, but there were times when people were mean to him. 

He opened up about a week where he was wearing makeup, and people started saying mean things. 

And at the end of the week, his friend told him to behave masculinely, which pissed him off. 

However for him, he himself became the worst bully. He used to judge himself every time he saw his bad days and started criticizing himself. 

He didn't know how to accept his flaws and also tried to be a person that others would accept him.

Ben Stole Makeup 

Ben is a well-known YouTuber known by Miss Benny. He has shared many videos of him doing makeup, which clearly shows his talent in makeup. 

Ben had started doing his own makeup when he was just a kid. 

Back in the day, he used to see his sisters doing makeup, and he got really interested in it. 

His other brother hated when his sisters did makeup, but he secretly admired it. 

When he first started acting as a child actor, his agent advised him to do makeup because he had breakouts, as others did. 

Ben felt confident when he had makeup on, which made him more interested in makeup, so he slowly started stealing his mother's and sister's makeup and learned to do his own makeup.

Ben Hid His Sexuality

Ben has come a long way in his life, accepting his identity. As he grew up, he eventually realized that he was gay. 

Even though he knew who he was, he wasn't being able to come out and show his true self to others. 

He was forced to hide his true self for a long time. He remembered wearing nail paint once. 

He went to the church afterward, where he greeted his family and other people. 

He went to shake his hand with his uncle, and he noticed the nail paint on his finger. 

His uncle was furious and started questioning him by showing his hand. 

Ben was so speechless, and then his uncle said none of his nephews would leave the house without a fresh coat and sent him to wear the coat. 

At that moment, he learned the narrow thinking of his family, and he started hiding his true self even more.

Ben Loves LA More Than Texas

Ben was born and brought up in the Texas city of America, which is also known for its openness. 

And he has always loved being in Texas. But as he lives in LA for work, he spents his timin Texas and LA

But in one of his interviews, he said that he really lives to stay overwhelmed with a lot of work and things to do, which is only possible in LA

He believes that LA is his ideal city, and he loves it here. Saying that he didn't mean that he hates Texas

He loves Texas as much as LA, and he goes to Texas more often as he has a space to really breathe and relax in the Texas city.

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