Bernadette Mowbray- Tragic Death Of Tony Mowbray First Wife

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Bernadette Mowbray is the first wife of an English former professional footballer and the current manager of Sunderland Tony Mowbray. 

Bernadette died at the age of 26 because of breast cancer. She was born to Jimmy Doyle and Mary Doyle.

She had two sisters and a brother. Bernadette was a British citizen by his nationality.

About Bernadette's Husband, Tony 

Tony is a former football player and the current manager of Sunderland FC

As a player, Tony played for different teams like Celtic and Ipswich Town as a defender. His birth name is Anthony Mark Mowbray

He was born in the year 1963 in Saltburn, England. 

Bernadette Mowbray's husband, Tony Mowbray.
Bernadette Mowbray's husband, Tony Mowbray. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Tony And Bernadette 

Tony's first marriage was with Bernadette. The couple tied the knot back in 1994

Sadly eight months after their marriage, the couple got separated, and it wasn't because of divorce. 

Bernadette had breast cancer which caused her death in 1995 on New Year’s Day.

Who Is Tony Married After Bernadette?

After the death of Tony's first wife, he remained single for a few years. Tony then got married to Amber Mowbray

They have been married to each other since 2001 and are now parents to three children named Max, Lucas, and Oliver

They have been together for more than 20 years.

Tony Mowbray with his wife, Amber Mowbray.
Tony Mowbray with his wife, Amber Mowbray. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Her husband, Tony, is 59 years old. He has a net worth of $5 Million.

Died Of Cancer

Bernadette was a name that came into the media after she married the famous football player and coach in 1994, Tony. 

Tony was playing in the football club Celtic when they got married. 

But after eight months of their marriage, Bernadette died because of cancer. The cancer was diagnosed before they got married. 

But Bernadette couldn’t survive the battle with cancer. Still, after Bernadette's death, her husband kept loving her. 

He was constantly in touch with Bernadette’s family. He even consulted her family before marrying Amber Spurling

At their marriage ceremony, the family of Bernadette was also present.

Tony Doesn’t Look Back After The Referee’s Decision

Tony’s team Sunderland had an advantage against Swansea City as they were playing in their home ground. 

But the match ended with a 1-3 loss as Tony’s team failed to win. The match had some controversial moments, which were also very decisive ones. 

During the match, Tony’s team’s player Amad Diallo was tackled in the penalty box. 

He was left falling to the ground and should have given penalty. But the referee denied to give the penalty and continued the play. 

Also, Luke O’Nien was sent after he fouled the player from Swansea City. Both of those conflicts turned the game against Tony

But Tony said he didn’t look back at the foul or possible penalty. 

He knew that the red card was fair play, and he respected the referee's decision and said there was nothing he could do or change about the possible penalty.

Tony Doesn’t Want To Blame Referees

Tony has been in the field of football for a long time, and he has lived his journey in football from being a player to a coach. 

But in his journey, he has always respected the referees and respected their decisions regardless of whether they were fair or unfair. 

But as his team has been having a hard time winning the league matches because of some crucial decisions of the referees, he is in confusion about his thoughts. 

He knows that his team is doing everything, and with fewer mistakes, they have had a chance to win. 

But because of some unfair referee decision, they lose their morals. Not just in one or two matches but in every single match. 

So, he expressed that he had questioned his thought of not blaming things on the referee.         

Tony Went Through DISC Personality Profiling 

Tony revealed in an interview that he went through DISC personality profiling when he joined the Blackburn Rovers F.C.

He expressed that DISC profiling was essential for anyone on the team. 

In DISC profiling, D stands for Domination, I for Influential, S for Steady, and C for Conscientious. 

These four parameters also helped Tony while treating the players on his team. 

By making players go through the test, Tony could easily know about the players' personalities and determine who he could yell at and who he could make the team captain. 

He can know how to behave in front of each individual and how he can arrange them on their personality basis.

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