Bert Girigorie

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Bert Girigorie

Bert Girigorie is the ex-husband of American broadcaster, media personality, businesswoman, and writer Wendy Williams

He worked as a radio broadcaster. He is currently working as the president of the G2 marketing line. 

He was born in Charlotte, North Caroline, in the U.S. He is an American

Bert Girigorie Ex-Wife
Bert Girigorie Ex-Wife   Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Wendy Williams 

Wendy was married to Bert. They both met each other on the radio station Kiss FM. 

They worked together in a radio station and started getting positive vibes for each other. After that, they started dating. 

In 1994, they happily got married to each other. But they got divorced just a year after their marriage.

After that, she got into a relationship with Kevin Hunter. They dated for a short time and later got married in 1999

They have a son together named Kevin Hunter Jr. Before having her first child, she went through many miscarriages. 

She was married to Kevin for two decades. They ended up their relationship in 2020. As of 2021, she is single.

William with her son
William with her son  Source: Instagram 

About Wendy Williams 

Wendy's full name is Wendy Joan Williams, is an American broadcaster, media personality, businesswoman, and writer born on July 18, 1964.

She was raised by her parents Shirley and Thomas Dwayne Williams, with her two siblings. 

She is popularly known for her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show. She started her career as a disc Jockey. 

She started working on television in 2008. She is now successful all because of her hard work and dedication. 

She is an author too. She has been married two times and has one child.

Wendy Williams with her ex-husband Kevin Hunter
Wendy Williams with her ex-husband Kevin Hunter   Source: Pinterest  

Wendy Mispronounced Dua Lipa's Name 

Wendy Williams interviewed the famous talk show "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon". 

There she talked about she ended up giving a nickname to the famous singer Dua Lipa, and she spoke about her divorce and many more.

Once William mispronounced Dua Lipa's name on her show. 

She called her Dula Peep instead of Dua Lipa. But it was not a new thing for her as she had mispronounced the name of many peoples.

Moreover, Dua Lipa's fans liked that name, and they also started calling her Dula Peep.

Dua herself loved that, and whenever her fans call Dula Peep, she always responds positively. 

Wendy opened up that she had ended her marriage with her husband, and she was very happy about that because she felt the new life that she had been waiting for years had been starting. 

She had no regret about her past life. The interviewer then asked about her dating someone after her divorce, which replied that she had been single after her divorce. 

She had some dreams and had to do something in her life, so instead of finding someone, she focused on her career. 

She was living a happy life with her two girls. The girls she was talking about were two cats named Chit Chat. 

She loves them, and they also love her back. She then talked about what kind of man she prefers in her life. 

Wendy wants a man who can look directly into her eyes. She had never dated a man who was shorter than her. 

After all those she had faced in her life she feels that's she had grown up a lot and learned much in her life. 

She opened up that she had never measured her weight because she loves how she looks. 

Wendy Wants To Be A Professor

Wendy Williams gave an interview to the podcast "Late Night with Seth Meyers."

In that interview, she talked about talking to celebrities and many more. 

The interviewer asked her if she had ever gotten nervous while interviewing celebrities. 

She has her podcast. For that, she replied no, she had never been nervous talking to famous personalities. 

On the other hand, the interviewer said that he got nervous while talking to those personalities whom he had seen since he was a kid, and he felt glad and nervous at the same time while talking to them. 

Wendy said that while she was entering that show, she was a bit emotional as she got the chance to come to the big show and conversate with an interviewer like Seth.

William then opened up that she wanted to be a teacher. She wanted to be a professor and wanted to teach students with a proper uniform and glasses. 

Seth and William both went to the same college together, and William somehow feels that her parents had wasted a lot of money on her education. 

She studied communication major in her college. She spoke on a microphone for Kiss 108 while attending college

She wanted to teach students and tried to teach them to be themselves.  She wants to teach them about different ships like internships, mentorship, and many more. 

She then opened about her documentary titled "What a Mess." She said that she was the one who titled it. 

There in that documentary, she had been true about everything. Her late mother was also there in that documentary. 

Wendy Got Cheated On By Her Ex-Husband 

Wendy in an interview talked about her ex-husband and her substance abuse. 

Wendy and Kevin were married for 22 years and before getting married they dated for 3 years. They have a child together. 

After 25 years of being together, Wendy's husband cheated on her which she was completely not okay. 

Her husband was having an affair with another woman when they had their first child together and she caught her husband red-handed. 

Wendy said that she easily forgives people but what her ex-husband did was the only thing that she never gets okay with. 

Despite her husband cheating on her, Wendy told that he is a good man and she has no regrets about being with him. She can never talk badly about him in public because it will not ruin his image. 

They stayed together for more than two decades and suddenly coming out and talking bad about each other didn't sound good to her. 

They were the ones who chose each other. After finding out about her husband's cheating she didn't stay there crying out instead, she moved on with her life. 

She has her child and she knew that she has to raise him, educate him, and do her best for him. 

Wendy was in substance abuse 25 years ago and she went to rehab to be sober. 

There she had a hard time because she was not given a phone and she was not being able to talk to her mom, sister and girlfriends. 

She told that her ex-husband Kevin will always be a part of her family even though he cheated on her. 


Wendy's age is 57 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Wendy is $40 Million. She earns as being a broadcaster, media personality, businessman and writer. 

Bert Girigorie Became The Reason For Wendy To Let Go Of Cocaine

On Wendy's initial work as a Radio Jockey, she was addicted to cocaine. She had a regular schedule fixed in her daily life. 

She would start her work on the radio station at 3 in the evening. She would work till 7 at night and then party for a straight 12 hours. 

During the party, she always had cocaine and was addicted to it. Then she met her husband while partying. 

She instantly fell in love with Bert, and he became an important part of Wendy, for whom she left cocaine. 

She doesn't regret her addiction, according to her, because she considers it to be one part of her success.

Is Wendy Williams Leaving "The Wendy Williams Show"?

Wendy is the famous TV personalities and stars of "The Wendy William Show." She has been hosting the show for a long time.

Well, sad news for the show's fans is that Wendy has temporarily taken a break from the show. 

She is not leaving the show but will not be part of it for sometime due to her health issues. 

She has been suffering from Grave's disease and also has problem with her thyroid

This has kept Wendy away from the show for a year, and it seems she is still in her recovery phase. 

The disease affects overall health conditions and is very harmful if a person is not careful. 

Hence, she is trying to avoid anything that can cause her disease to increase. As the disease eventually fades off, she surely will return to the show.

Wendy William's Fell Down In Live Show

In 2017, during the Halloween season, she was dressed up as a statue of liberty in her show "The Wendy William Show." 

She was starting the show and was confidently hosting the show when she stopped talking. 

She started shaking and eventually fell. The show was live, so commercials were played right after the incident. 

The crew member immediately came to the rescue. It was nothing serious.  

She was overheated in the costume, and she was lacking air. 

So after some time, she became fine and conducted the show with the same confidence.

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